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Recap / Zamba's Fantastic Trip to the Falkland Islands

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Meet Zamba. He's your average Argentine kid. He's really called Jose, but he still likes to get called Zamba. He lives in Clorina, in the province of Formosa, Argentina. He likes television, chipa (Argentine pretzel cheese balls) and wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. What he really hates is his mom sending him to school in his pajamas.

He's Late for School today, and he doesn't want to miss it, because today is a very special day. He's going to visit the Science & Technology Fair with his class.

When he arrives, all the kids except Zamba appear interested in almost everything at the exhibit, such as a dinosaur skeleton, wind turbines and an intelligent robot. What Zamba catches interest in however, is an old Argentine fighter jet used in the Falklands War. He asks why a war happened and gets told that it was because the Falklands are Argenine, but for centuries they were ruled by the United Kingdom. Zamba gets in the cockpit and fiddles around with the controls until something strange happens.

He's travelling back in time.

He lands in 1982, during the war, and he's in the plane of Chipa (spelt with an “S” on his helmet for some reason) who is flying a top secret mission. He notices Zamba in the cockpit and asks to the radio why he got a little kid as a co pilot. Zamba then introduces himself as from the future, who's just learning about the war. He then asks why there is a war happening, and Chipa then flies up to introduce a song about how the UK illegaly seized the islands for themselves and how it's Argentina's job to free them. After the song has finished the plane fies back down to continue with its mission. But, uh oh, the RAF are catching up! So the planes ensue in a chase and the Argentinian plane ends up running out of fuel. Despite this, it ends up bombing a British aircraft carrier before the fuel supply runs out, and Chipa gives Zamba his parachute. They escape before the plane gets hit by British missiles, and Zamba ends up landing on several sheep in the island.

While on the land, he meets a stereotypical kid with a bad British accent who introduces him to the island, calling it the “Islas Falklands” and talks about the geography of the island. Zamba snaps back and calls it the “Islas Malvinas”, while also commenting on that the islands are Argentine. He then shouts about how the Argentines own them, and the British kid cries until accompanied by a British soldier, who says that they're British, and that they're not giving them back. The soldier then aims his rifle at Zamba, and Zamba says that he should go back to Argentina. He pretends to do so, then puts the Argentine flag on an area of the island, shocking the British soldier, who quickly replaces it with the British flag. The soldier then discovers that there are lots or Argentine flags all over the place, and replaces them all with British ones. He comments on the fact they don't like the Argentine flag, only to find the island surrounded by an ocean of that flag.

He then chucks a grenade at Zamba, only for an Argentine soldier called Sapucai to catch it and throw it back at the British. A grenade-throwing game ensued, until a TV with Leopoldo Galtieri, the last dictator of Argentina, appeared from the sky, and says that he's not scared of the British, wants a war with them, and is doing one. A very 80s-like song then plays about how they are fighting against the British, the role of propaganda in the war, and the climate of the Falklands.

The British then attack Sapucai, so he and Zamba have to hide in shelter. He tells about how the British have night-vision goggles with them, that the Argentines are not well-equipped for the war, and that the battle for Stanley (the capital of the Falklands) is happening tonight. Once the bombardment is over, they then get out of cover, along with other Argentines, and Sapucai delievers a speech that motivates them. Zamba then trumpets to “The Battle of Mount Longdon” before Leopoldo interrupts again, saying that he is supposed to give orders, despite the British advancing. After he is finished, Zamba trumpets again, then the battle begins.

The Argentines charge into battle and Sapucai finds a machine gun to fend off the British. They battle with mortars and machine guns until a ghurka comes to kill Sapucai. He then punches the ghurka in the face, but the battle still rages on, this time with the British outnumbering the Argentines and one of the Brits even catching up to Zamba. But Chipa saves Zamba at the last minute and returns him safely home, alongside a song about how the islands are always Argentine despite the British owning them.

Zamba then returns to the present day when the school trip is over. Turns out Sapucai is alive and talks about how Argentina will get back the Falklands, this time with words instead of bombs.