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Recap / Yu Gi Oh Arc V Ep 35 Academia And The Resistance

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Sora is hospitalized after his battle with Kurosaki, but his injuries aren't life-threatening. Yuya, Yuzo, and Gongenzaka compare notes on all they've learned about what's going on. Yuto confronts Sora in the hospital for information on Ruri, and the angered Sora pursues Yuto, demanding Yuto take him to Shun to settle the score. The two duel in a park, and Yuya comes across them; without Yuzu's bracelet nearby to react to their presence, Yuya and Yuto finally come face-to-face. Though he doesn't understand what's going on, Yuya considers Sora his friend and steps in to join the duel and aid him.


This episode contains examples of:

  • Bowdlerise: Subverted with the dubbed version. In previous episodes the scenes of Sora's monster devouring an opponent's monster were censored and put off-screen, but not in this episode. This seems to have been done to highlight the Cerebus Syndrome.
  • I Am Your Opponent: Yuya to Yuto.
  • This Cannot Be!: Sora spends the entire episode looking for a rematch with Kurosaki, convinced that he'll win if he duels him again.
  • Unwanted Assistance: In-Universe. Sora refuses to let Yuya help him battle Yuto, even though he's still injured.

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