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Recap / Ultraman Ep 19 Evil Repeated

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Aboras the Blue and Banila the Red trash the Tokyo Olympic Stadium in their duel to the death

(First Aired: November 20, 1966)

Screenplay by: Masahiro Yamada and Ryu Minamikawa

Directed by: Samaji Nonagase

When a construction site unearths a strange canister, Science Patrol is called in along with Dr. Fukuyama. The canister is silver and pointed at both ends with a large hole on the right side. Dr. Fukuyama inspects it, observing that the fossils resting inside the broken part predate human civilization by millions of years. Opening the canister reveals a sheet of metal and an odd capsule filled with blue liquid. They are taken by for study by Dr. Fukuyama and his colleague Mr. Ishioka respectively. As everybody leaves, not a single soul spots a capsule of red liquid hidden in the earth. That capsule is accidentally collected along with a lot of dirt by an excavator and dropped into a dump truck. The truck drops its load of soil at a ditch, where the capsule rolls out of human eyes.


Back at HQ, Science Patrol debates who could have made the canister. That’s when Dr. Fukuyama calls to report that the metal sheet appears to be some kind of document, so Muramatsu sends Ide and Hayata to see what the doctor is up to. At Fukuyama’s laboratory, Ide inspects the sheet while Dr. Fukuyama explains that it showed no writing no matter what method they used. When Ide drops the sheet, sunlight reflecting off it creates a light projection on the wall with the text as silhouettes (similar to a projector). A photograph and a slide of the text are taken for usage.

Through the night, a lightning storm brews while Mr. Ishioka tries to open the blue liquid capsule with no success and Fukuyama slowly translates the text. As the scientists work the hours away, the red liquid capsule rests in the middle of the thunderstorm and, by a stroke of fate, is hit by a lightning bolt. The capsule’s contents are electrified, causing the capsule to explode and unleash a red dinosaur-like monster with a pig-like snout and two tails. The beast’s name is Banila, whose presence is quickly alerted to Science Patrol. Arashi is assigned to take the Mini V-TOL, while Muramatsu informs Hayata and Ide of the situation, though he requests the two to stay with Dr. Fukuyama.


Meanwhile, Mr. Ishioka is on his latest attempt to open the capsule of blue liquid. This time, he’s using a powerful electric shock. As with Hayata and Ide, the latter is instructed by Muramatsu to head out with him and assist Arashi, while Hayata will remain until Dr. Fukuyama finishes the translation. While Ide and Muramatsu are firing upon the rampaging Banila in the Jet V-TOL, Dr. Fukuyama tells Hayata the terrible message on the sheet:

“We have finally captured the Devil Monsters, Banila the Red and Aboras the Blue. We turned them into liquid and buried them deep within the earth. Their cage must not be opened. If the monsters ever returned to life, it will be the end of mankind.”

Unfortunately, Mr. Ishioka has succeeded in opening the blue capsule and paid with his life as evidenced by the appearance of Aboras – a blue dinosaur-like monster with a single horn on its large head. Shortly after being informed of the new situation, Science Patrol makes a tactical retreat to formulate a new plan.

While Aboras and Banila decimate their surroundings with jets of acid and fire from their respective maws, Science Patrol asks Dr. Fukuyama for ideas. The only idea he has is the hope that the monsters will try to kill each other off. Sure enough, Science Patrol is notified by the JSDF that the two demons are making their way towards each other with the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Stadium at the center of their colliding paths. With an idea of their next step, the team heads out.

At the Olympic Stadium, Aboras and Banila attack each other on sight and destroy a good amount of the stadium in the process. Science Patrol arrives in time to witness the clash and shoot both combatants. With a combination of its own strength and Science Patrol’s unintended support, Aboras kills Banila with a blast of acid breath, dissolving the red devil monster in minutes. Aboras then turns its wrath on the humans, which is problematic for Science Patrol as their ray guns are out of energy. Everybody runs back, except for Hayata, who uses the opportunity to become Ultraman!

Ultraman fights Aboras, who proves to be a very formidable opponent. In fact, a blast of Aboras’ acid actually sets off Ultraman’s Color Timer prematurely. Still, Ultraman emerges victorious in the end after blasting Aboras with three Specium Rays in a row. With the two devils gone, Ultraman takes off to the sky as always and Science Patrol celebrates.


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