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Recap / The World God Only Knows Mai High Festival Arc

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Chapters 169-189

Short Summary

Now knowing full-well that the final Jupiter Sister is in Ayumi, Keima must take the necessary steps to awaken Mercurius. Meanwhile, Vintage has put their plan of resurrecting Old Hell into action.

Main Summary

  • Big Damn Heroes: Haqua's return from New Hell certainly applies.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Basically what this saga amounts to. Vintage's plan was defeated, the Goddesses are all awakened, and Keima showed genuine emotion for what he had to do to Chihiro for the plan to succeed. In addition, Chihiro crying her eyes out onstage is quite a sad sight (she previously provided the image for the Tear Jerker page at least until FLAG 268.)
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  • Love Revelation Epiphany: Debateable, but Keima has one at the end of FLAG 189. See below.
  • Single Tear: Very notable since it's Keima who sheds it. May also count as Tears of Remorse.


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