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Recap / The Return To Gravity Falls S 3 E 14 Soos Less

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PART 1: note 

Wendy rounds the corner to see Soos reaching his hand out to something, then begin to collapse. Wendy calls for the others as Soos hits the ground, blinking repeatedly and muttering. Ford and the twins arrive, Ford immediately noticing blue sparks in his hand and blue lines snaking up his arm. Wendy feels a heat in her head, clutching at her skull as Ford opens Soos' now-closed eyes, blue light shining out. Ford confirms that Soos made a deal with a demon before the earth shakes, a void appearing in the sky and lifting them into the air. Wendy screams that it hurts, telling Dipper and Ford that she feels alive again before the lines cover Soos' face, his eyes opening just in time to see everything go black.


Soos attempts to stand up and look at the source of a familiar voice, but he hits his head on something above him, Pacifica informing him that it was a car hood as she laughs at him reacting to her being there with shock. Soos looks around himself to see a fully and well-stocked garage with enough room to fit three more cars, the hood of a red truck open in front of him. Pacifica starts getting worried when Soos complements his own workshop and mentions people being zapped by bright lights, asking if she could call an ambulance to have his head get checked out.

He assures her he's fine and asks why she's there, Pacifica reminding him that she always hides there to get away from her parents, her suspicion still aroused. Pacifica confirms that the place is his, Soos commenting that he's never owed anything since he's lived in Gravity Falls his whole life. He then opens the door and starts freaking out when he sees, hears, and smells the familiar town, people long removed from reality walking past as they always did. Pacifica watches him gush over the town, not knowing how much it means to him, until he notices the sign on the garage- Ramirez Rotor-Works. He asks Pacifica when Stan gave him the shop, but Pacifica, after realizing who he's talking about, says she doesn't think he had anything to do with it. Kelly words about changing one moment ring in his ears, and he realizes which moment was changed- he never worked at the Mystery Shack.


Soos sits down to try and process this realization, Pacifica again insisting she call an ambulance. Soos assures her he's fine and says he probably just needs a day off before he notices Candy and Grenda walking down the street. He runs over to them, the driver of the car he almost ran into greeting him happily before he makes it, the girls happy to see him as well. Candy asks if they left something at his workshop, informing him he lets them build things there pretty much all the time. He says they should get together with the twins at some point and do a mystery or something before leaving, missing the looks they exchange as he again almost runs into another car, the driver again greeting him happily. He comments to Pacifica about everyone being happy to see him, Pacifica informing him the town basically relies on him to fix... everything.


Soos realizes just how much better everything is before he realizes he should probably make a few phone calls, running back into the shop as Pacifica tells him she's gonna go shopping or something. Leaving the garage, he sees some newspapers by the landline and is about to use them to catch up on what he's missed when a voice from the past asks him to hand her the papers. He pokes his head into a room to see Abuelita sitting in her chair, very much alive despite dying from a heart attack a year or so ago. She tells a tearful Soos that he was able to work enough to buy her medicine to prevent the heart attack, Soos hugging her for the first time in a while and commenting that the world is perfect.

The phone rings, Soos telling Abuelita to stay put, not wanting her to leave his sight as he answers the phone. Kelly's voice reminds Soos of her promise to make good on her end before she tells him to turn around, him doing so to see her floating there. he still doesn't hang up the phone, believing there to be two versions of Kelly, one from the timeline he's in now and the one on the phone from the Starkissed timeline. Kelly makes him hang up and tells him she's still the same Kelly he knows from the Starkissed timeline, telling him she can catch him up on everything he's missed.

After a brief delay to give Abuelita a paper and tell her where he's going, he follows Kelly outside, questioning if other people can see her. She assures him they can't- all they'll see is him talking to himself like normal. She confirms that she changed his first meeting with Stan, assuring him that Stan, and the town as a whole, is better for his not being involved. She says that Soos does do odd-job for Stan, fixing up devices for him and the entire town. He asks what happened with Gideon and Ford's first return, but Kelly tells him he had already made his shop by that point and that he was the one who fixed up most of the damages. He asks if the Pines were able to handle all the monsters and stuff, Kelly dismissing this by saying that they are dependable and telling Soos Dipper is lined up for a great college and Mabel is really close to becoming a full Paths member. Soos asks what happened to Wendy, Kelly admitting that Wendy was complicated but promising Soos that she was able to make her life, yes life is better now and make her healthy, telling him that he can find her by the graveyard before she disappears as a car goes past.

Thinking Wendy to be either with her friends or on a mystery with the twins, he is shocked when he barely recognizes her sitting on a grave by herself, the smell of cigarettes thick in the air. When he is a few feet away, Wendy turns around to face him, cigarette in mouth and bottle in hand, hair half cut off and eyes unfocused. Soos asks her why she's in the graveyard, Wendy saying he's acting like they know each other when they really don't. She starts trying to walk away, believing Soos to be hitting on her, but he assures her he's not, showing her Melody's contact info in his phone. Wendy still says she doesn't want some stranger talking to her, but after some confusion over Soos mentioning them being coworkers, Wendy agrees that they can be friends.

Soos says he's excited she's healthy and not cursed, Wendy commenting that he acts like they've known each other for more than just a few minutes. Soos mentions them hanging out with the twins, Wendy taking until her cigarette is practically gone to remember the 'brats.' She says that they didn't stick around long, Stan having sent them home after some trouble with Gideon. Soos starts looking through his contacts to find Dipper or Mabel, but they are nowhere to be found. Wendy asks him why he's acting like he worked at the Shack before it closed for the one summer, informing him it is still doing tours despite the twins having left town before the thing with Gideon was resolved. Soos asks Wendy if the business convention happened, Wendy saying it did but no one remembers why it was in ruins or something. Scared at the possibilities of what that could mean, Soos starts running out of the graveyard, Wendy telling him thanks for treating her like a normal person before he disappears.

He runs back to his garage to grab his relatively nice car and drive the familiar route to the Manor. The familiar promotion signs make his eyes light up, but the coup d'etat comes when the building itself comes into view, no motel rooms present. Soos parks in front of the Mystery Shack, hearing an all-too-familiar voice entertaining a group of tourists around the corner. Just before he rounds it, a person in a hoodie crashes into him, a stuttering voice demanding Soos help him up. Soos complies by grabbing Graupner by the collar and pinning him to the wall, the first of 100 questions being why he's there. Graupner says he works there, but Soos doubts him and asks the Warlock for the truth, but Graupner reminds him that he's helping them, Soos letting go of him in shock.

Another familiar voice asks what's going on, Omir Steindorf walking past Soos to help Graupner to his feet. Omir asks a stunned Soos what Graupner did to piss him off, ignoring Graupner completely until he says Soos called him Warlock. Then a sunglasses-wearing Stan comes around the corner, quickly telling Snappy to take the bonehead away so he can talk to the big guy alone. Soos hugs Stan telling him he's glad he's alive, Stan making some comments about fleshy, 3-d beings and making sure Soos fixed up perpetual energy generators before Soos asks about the twins. It takes Stan a minute to realize who Soos is talking about, his eye unable to see why they would be important to Soos. Soos mentions Stanford and the twins maybe being in danger, but Stan only response is, 'Who's Stanford?' making Soos feel uncomfortable around him for the first time in his life. Stan moves to leave, taking off the sunglasses and telling Soos he doesn't have any siblings, his yellow and black-slitted eyes gleaming.

Soos only says Bill before bolting, stumbling over the third Journal as he rushes out, having enough presence of mind to grab it before he begins a mad drive away from the possessed Stan, his brain desperately trying to figure out how that happened. Hoping Kelly will have some answers, he turns onto the road his workshop is in, barely avoiding hitting Wendy in the process. Concerned, Wendy follows him into the shop, Pacifica already in there, informing him Melody tried calling a few times. The girls get into an argument before Soos interrupts them and tries telling them about the situation, although Pacifica just thinks he's messed up from hitting his head earlier, neither girl believing him until the door explodes open. Chanting Novus ordo seclorum over and over, six members of the Society of the Blind Eye enter, lead by Blind Ivan and the Warlock, who threatens to take their memories if they don't come with him.

PART 2: note 

Soos points out the flaws in the memory gun (easy to dodge, take time to charge up, memories can come back anyway) before Graupner yells to grab them. Three Society members try to attack Soos, but he knocks Toby Determined out, everyone pausing as they didn't expect Soos to be able to fight back. The remaining five Society members attack, Soos taking down two before he is restrained. Then Wendy jumps in, knocking one out with a monkey wrench and punching the second unconscious, the third running away, Graupner deciding to take matters into his own hands. He does something to the monkey wrench and makes it pin Wendy to the wall, but Soos jumps in and grabs Graupner, covering his mouth and immobilizing his hand so he can't use magic anymore.

Pacifica yells as Soos, who turns just in time to use Graupner to absorb the blast from the memory gun Blind Ivan had fired at him. Graupner passes out, Wendy falling to the ground as Blind Ivan drops the memory gun and tries to run away. He instead crashes into Grenda, she and Candy having seen the Society member run out of the shop and wanted to check on Soos. They quickly tie up both Blind Ivan and Graupner, Soos trying to convince the girls that what happened with Kelly is true, although Wendy is the only one to maybe believe him/not think he's loosing it.

Then Kelly appears, glaring at Soos and accusing him of ruining the peace. Soos tries to tell her things are messed up, but she says she knows how things are- she made everything perfect for both of them. She says Wendy drinking and smoking is Wendy's fault, not hers, and that she made Graupner no longer a threat, although her only defense when Stan is brought up is that he wasn't part of the deal and that him becoming possessed by her brother was all his fault. Soos tells her she still messed up by betraying his trust before saying they aren't friends anymore. Barley suppressing her rage, Kelly tells Soos he's stuck in this timeline now before disappearing, leaving everyone staring at the spot she was just in.

Soos explains everything to the girls in detail, from the town being erased from existence to Wendy being a wraith to him making the deal with Kelly. Through him convincing them to believe him, he discovers Bill running for mayor after blaming the current mayor for the messed up talent show and business convention, and he also puts the pieces together to realize that the perpetual energy generators he was working on for Bill were for the Portal. He leaves the girls to watch over Graupner and Blind Ivan while he calls the twins, knowing they are his best hope for helping stop Bill and fix the timeline.

Mabel answers the phone, relieving Soos to no end. He asks her how soon she can get to Gravity Falls, Mabel starting to hang up until he describes himself, Mabel thankfully remembering him, although she says they only met for a day or two. Desperate, Soos mentions Mabel training with Arline and the alternate timeline, Mabel admitting that she maybe trusts him, though she doesn't know why. She does say that she can't make it though, as her bike is broken and even if it was in good condition, it would take too long for her to get there and be of any use, and she says she doubts Dipper would go either. She gives Soos his number and says that if Dipper decides to go, she'll try to make it work, but only if Dipper agrees. Soos calls the number, but his conversation with Mason goes even worse than the one with Mabel did, Mason evidently a study-holic who turns Soos down instantly.

Soos goes to inform the girls no one else is coming to help them save the world, but says that he's going to try anyway, Stan's last order to him ringing in his ears. He starts grabbing anything he could use to fight the bad guys, trying to rally the girls to join him, but when he stops to ask who will help him, the girls all leave, telling him they don't know how to handle whatever is going on. In tears, Soos heads into his room, the weight of everything weighing him down.

Then his phone rings, Melody's face on the caller ID. She immediately realizes something is wrong, Soos cryptically telling her that because of something he did, people he cares about are in danger. He says he has to try to fix it, even of he does it alone, although he is terrified and think's he won't be able to do what needs to be done. Melody admits that she's scared for him but says that he wouldn't be the man she loves if he didn't even try to do what needs to be done. She reveals that, in this timeline, Soos has enough money to both pay for her to come visit him and retire early, and she calls him her superhero. She warns him to not to get hurt too badly, Soos suggesting they get married when everything is over, Melody laughing at his low-key proposal before agreeing.

Soos heads back into the workshop to get ready for what is to come just as Wendy is walking back in. Wendy asks him if she has friends in the timeline he's from, agreeing to help him when Soos confirms she does. Over the next hour, the two of them work on something, finishing just as several police cars show up outside, Omir Steindorf leading the force to arrest Soos for kidnapping, Pacifica showing up to defend Soos. Then the garage doors open, revealing a suped-up truck that looks more like a APC with an improvised machine/nail gun surrounded by a protective tower on the back. The truck crashes through the garage as Wendy starts firing the nails at the tires of the police cars, the police and watching citizens scattering.

Soos starts driving away, telling Wendy to not fire unless she is sure she can hit the tires, not wanting to hurt the mind-controlled police. Then a bright light surrounds the truck, the smell of ozone thick in the air as the tower around the gun explodes, Soos glancing back to see the end of Omir's cane smoking. Wendy climbs into the front of the truck, her arm burnt, but tells Soos she'll survive as they pass Candy and Grenda, a Molotov Cocktail in each of their hands. They throw them at the police cars, causing the lead car to spiral out of control and the others to slam into it, causing a flaming mess.

Soos turns onto the road to the Shack, he and Wendy agreeing that, if he can defeat Bill, then he might be able to use the Portal to fix everything. The arrive at the building, Soos getting out just as the sounds of police sirens is heard getting closer. Wendy climbs into the drivers seat and tells Soos that she'll cause a distraction to by him time, not worried about what could happen since the timeline will erase anyway.

Plunger in hand and tool belt around his waist, Soos enters the building and makes his way to the basement, Bill already down there, staring at the activated Portal. As soon as Soos enters the Portal room, the door closes behind him, leaving him alone with Bill and the chain-up skeletons of McGucket and Ford. Soos hits Bill with the plunger, knocking him down and allowing him to get closer to the Portal. Bill stands back up and yells his sister's name when he realizes Kelly must have interfered with the timeline. Soos tries to get closer to toe Portal's controls when Bill pulls out a knife and holds it to Stan's neck, threatening to slice it if Soos moves again. Soos freezes, but then his dad's order to protect the twins comes back to him, and he moves towards the Portal, Bill stabbing the knife into Stan's chest.

Soos hears the body fall as he makes it to the controls, his shaking hands struggling to pull a tool out of his belt. Then he hears footsteps and turns around to see an unwounded Stan running at him, Bill telling him the knife was a retractable blade before accusing him of being just as bad as he is. This infuriates Soos, who quickly uses a wrench to knock the knife from Bill's hand. Soos lifts Bill up and, despite Bill yelling at him to stop, walks to about ten feet from the Portal and hurls Bill towards it. Then the world goes grayscale and everything freezes, Soos, Bill's yellow eyes, and the now present Kelly the only things able to move. Kelly, unable to do much of anything to prevent her brother from getting thrown into the Portal, agrees to reset the timelines, Soos' eyes going heavy as everything fades to black.

Soos wakes up, Wendy, young Ford, and the twins all jumping back in shock. Soos bear-hugs the twins as Ford watches in concern, both he and Dipper wanting answers. The only person not involved is Wendy, who is shocked when she feels a breath escape for the first time in nearly three years. Contemplating a feeling of burning, she turns to look as something silver she caught out of the corner of her eye, but it disappears before she can see it. She follows the others to the motel room, Kelly, watching from a puddle in the ground, promising that Wendy will have her moment soon.

Somewhere in Pittsburg, Graupner tells Alberta Jeffreys that he failed before hanging up. Alvis calls a few seconds later, Graupner ranting about Alberta before Alvis mentions getting an update from Kelly. He says that she said she thinks she can help them with their deal with Bill, making Graupner happy to have someone reliable for once. He becomes even happier when Alvis tells him about a suggestion Bill had about how to turn their brainwashed cultists into magical fanatics and make them perform better, Graupner approving this instantly. Alvis questions the necessity of doing so but promises to follow orders, complimenting Graupner's improved stutter before hanging up, Graupner sure that once Bill Cipher is on their side, no one will be able to stop them.

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A duo of Demons dance
A Time left in a long trance
Unliving lives may yet weep
For they know not blessed sleep
A magic spell, past weaves tales
Trust and love tested or fails.

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