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Recap / Sword Art Online Ep 7 The Temperature Of The Heart

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Lisbeth is a blacksmith who works out of her own shop on the 48th floor. She is also a friend of Asuna, who is taking time away from the front lines to meet someone. Lis notices the earrings Asuna is wearing and teases her about them.

The following day, she is visited by a customer: Kirito. He asks for a sword that was of equal or greater quality compared to his "Elucidator" sword. Lisbeth offers Kirito the best sword she crafted, which ends up shattering with a single hit from Kirito's sword, much to her dismay. She brags to him that given the resources, she could craft a sword that would break his "Elucidator". Kirito, intrigued, offers to gather the resources, but Lisbeth insists on accompanying him: a master smith was needed to extract the materials, which could be obtained from a crystal-eating dragon on the 55th floor.


The two reach a crystal-laden area on the 55th floor that night, but are attacked by the dragon. The two fall into a pit, and find themselves trapped and unable to use teleport crystals. As such, the two set up camp in the pit. When Lisbeth asks Kirito why he saved her from the dragon, Kirito admits that he would rather die with someone by his side than to let them die alone. The two fall asleep as Kirito holds onto Lisbeth's hand at her request.

The next morning, Kirito finds the crystal ingot that Lisbeth needed for her sword. The crystal was formed from the dragon's fecal matter, meaning the pit they were in was a dragon's nest. Soon enough, the dragon comes to roost.

Kirito grabs Lisbeth's hand and runs up the pit's wall, jumping onto the dragon and stabbing it with his sword. The dragon flies out, and both Kirito and Lisbeth escape. As the two fall through the air, Lisbeth confesses her love for Kirito, but Kirito can't hear her over the wind howling through his ears.


When they return to Lisbeth's shop, Lisbeth uses the crystal ingot to craft the "Dark Repulsor", vowing to confess her feelings for Kirito after completing it. Kirito likes his new sword, and offers to pay for it. Lisbeth refuses his money, and instead asks to be his exclusive blacksmith.

Before she can actually confess, however, Asuna returns to the shop. When Asuna scolds Kirito for breaking Lisbeth's merchandise, Kirito admits that he came to her shop on her recommendation. Realizing that Asuna had feelings for Kirito, which Kirito seemed to reciprocate, Lisbeth wishes Asuna luck (to her confusion) and she tearfully runs off.

Kirito finds her later. Lisbeth tries to brush off her sorrow by saying she wasn't used to adventuring like she had with him, and to forget what she had said. Kirito admits that thanks to her, he no longer thought dying was better than being alone. Lisbeth then invites Kirito to come by her shop again if her ever had need of her services as Kirito promises to survive to the end and clear the game.


  • Chekhov's Gun: Dark Repulser, the second sword Kirito obtains doesn't appear again till later.
  • Chick Magnet: Kirito, AGAIN.
  • Squick: In-Universe for Liz, who grabs Crystallized Dragon excrement.

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