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Recap / Stargate Universe S 2 E 15 Seizure

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Negotiations with the Langarans to use their stargate to reach the Destiny are at a standstill, so Colonel Telford initiates his Plan B—having Colonel Young and Lieutenant Scott use the communications stones to hijack their identities and open the wormhole with stolen authority. Meanwhile, back aboard the Destiny, Dr. Rush is taking a virtual vacation with his incorporeal love interest, Amanda Perry.



  • Brain Uploading – Rush's day off starts with this
  • Mental Affair – Amanda Perry built a simulation just so she and Rush could have a physical relationship, or at least a reasonable facsimile thereof.
  • My Eyes Are Up Here – Rodney McKay makes no friends with the female military on Destiny.
  • What the Hell, Hero? – the plan to convince the Langarans that dialing the ninth chevron address involved hijacking the bodies of key personnel and impersonating them. Also, Eli's reaction to having to quarantine Ginn and Mandy to save Rush, because Rush ran off for a virtual vacation.

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