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Recap / Joe Oriolo Felix The Cat1x 70 The Professors Instant Changer

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The Professor's Instant Changer is a 1960 Felix the Cat cartoon and the 70th episode of the Joe Oriolo Felix the Cat series.

Felix is outside spending his day gardening, preparing to trim some plants with scissors and hoping Professor won't bother him today, as he has his Magic Bag sitting nearby. Not far away, Professor is watching Felix through a monitor, and reveals that he does plan to bother him with his newest invention—an Instant Changer, a small box attached to a belt that allows Professor to change into anything with the push of a button. He tests it by turning himself into a telephone pole. Professor heads outside and disguises himself as a rose bush with the device so he can sneak up on Felix and steal his Magic Bag. He gets close and almost grabs the bag, but he's forced to stay put when Felix looks his way. Felix assumes the rose bush needs watering, so he turns his Magic Bag into a fire hydrant and spray the bush, but he's understandably puzzled when the bush sprouts arms and legs and runs off while soaking wet. Professor tries again later, this time turning himself into a pine tree. He sneaks up on Felix from behind and grabs the bag, running off while the cat is occupied with gardening. Suddenly, a flash rainstorm occurs, and Professor gets struck by lightning, frying him to a crisp and sending him packing, while also sending the Magic Bag flying back to Felix. Felix turns the bag into an umbrella and lays back to wait out the storm. Professor is frustrated but persistent, so he changes back to normal and thinks of another way to get the bag. The rain shower stops and Felix gets back to work, turning the bag into a lawnmower. Professor notices that Felix is getting tired and thinks fast, turning himself into a lawn chair. Felix sees the lawn chair and prepares to sit down on it to relax, failing to notice that Professor changes himself into a cactus just before Felix sits down. Felix leaps through the air in pain and lands in a nearby quicksand pit, and Professor runs off with the Magic Bag in hand.


Felix tries to think of a way to get out of the quicksand, and he notices some telephone wires directly above him, hanging just low enough for him to reach. Felix gets electrocuted on grabbing the wire, but the explosion is strong enough to blow him out of the quicksand. He notices his Magic Bag is gone and deduces that Professor got it. Nearby, Professor is watching Felix through a telescope, and disguises himself as a tree as Felix approaches. Felix trips over the root of the "tree", and another root of it kicks Felix from behind. Felix notices something unusual about the tree, and grabs a nearby fencepost to whack it, forcing Professor to drop the Magic Bag. Felix grabs it and walks away, but he notices the tree is chasing him and runs for it. He dodges it, but he starts getting mad and turns his Magic Bag into a buzzsaw. Professor thinks fast and transforms himself into a boulder, which quickly wears out Felix's saw. While Professor is laughing, Felix is undettered and pulls out and ignites some dynamite from his Magic Bag, which blows Professor into the sky and back to his lab. Felix goes back to gardening and laughs about how he took care of the boulder, and how Professor didn't bother him at all. Felix wonders how Professor is doing and plucks some flowers, heading off to greet him. Felix enters the lab and is surprised to find Professor in a full body cast, asking what happened as he hands him the flowers. Professor starts getting flustered at Felix's presence, failing to notice a bee emerging from the flowers. Felix immediately realizes that Professor was the one causing him trouble the whole time as the bee starts stinging Professor's nose. Professor runs off in pain, with Felix laughing as the cartoon irises out.



  • Harmless Electrocution: Felix gets electrocuted by grabbing the telephone wire, but it doesn't harm him in the long run.
  • Quicksand Sucks: Felix ends up getting stuck in a quicksand pit thanks to Professor hurting him with his cactus disguise.
  • Shapeshifter: The Instant Changer gives Professor this ability, although it's not perfect, as some of his features remain intact upon changing (i.e. his arms and mustache).
  • When Trees Attack: Professor goes after Felix in his tree disguise, which Felix thinks is a tree coming to life to chase after him.

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