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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Gold Experience

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Giorno Giovanna, son of DIO

Chapter(s) covering this arc: 440, 441, 442
Episode(s) covering this arc: S4E1 (first half)

NOTE: Events from the anime adaptation are in italics.


Naples. The regional capital of Campania and the third-largest municipality in Italy after Rome and Milan, as well as one of the most densely populated cities in Europe. The city is a breeding ground of crime and corruption. Among them there’s a young boy looking around, seemingly disgusted at the city’s wretched condition. When a pair of female tourists ask him where Santa Chiara is, he kindly shows them the location, only he finds himself helping take back a tourist's purse from a pickpocket. He also takes two bank notes for himself by transforming them into butterflies flying to him from said purse and indirectly but kindly warns them to be careful in Naples. He uses the money to generously buy ice cream for a hungry child.

Meanwhile at the Naples International Airport, the notorious thug "Leaky-Eye" Luca bloodily beats up a small-time scammer for not paying his tithe and learns that a certain "Giorno Giovanna" has been doing the same. Coincidentally, Giorno, has just arrived here.


The year is 2001. Two years after the events of Diamond is Unbreakable, Koichi Hirose travels to Italy by Jotaro Kujo's favor, to find a boy by the name of Haruno Shiobana. Koichi overhears two airport security guards reveal the young man's name as Giorno Giovanna and infers that Giorno might be Haruno Shiobana. When preparing to take a taxi to his hotel, he coincidentally meets Giorno, who offers Koichi a ride with reasonable driving fee. Koichi reluctantly accepts Giorno’s offer, but as soon as Koichi puts his luggage inside the car, Giorno tries to run away. Koichi then uses his Echoes ACT 3 to stop the car, but Giorno calmly runs away with a sly smile on his face. When Koichi looks for his luggage, all he finds is a frog in the passenger's seat that hops away. Koichi overhears two guards discussing about Giorno, and soon he decides to ask them for more information about him.


Meanwhile, Giorno meets Luca, who tries to take Giorno’s money. Although Giorno told Luca that he run out of money because he already paid his protection fees, the thug still orders Giorno to pay him, only to seeing a photograph of DIO in the youngster’s wallet. The frog jumps out from the drain and latches onto Giorno. Luca demands Giorno to shoo-out the frog, but Giorno warns him to not smack the frog. Enraged, Luca attacks Giorno with his shovel. Too bad for Luca, Giorno's powers reflects his attack and soon he is put into a coma. It is then revealed that Giorno also possesses the Joestar Birthmark. The frog transforms back into Koichi's luggage and calmly walks away.

Only accompanied with a map and a photo of Haruno, Koichi is wandering around Naples in search of Giorno. Finding Giorno at a bistro, Koichi confronts him, demanding him his luggage including his passport. Giorno tries to run away once again, but Koichi’s Echoes stops him by making Giorno’s right hand heavier. Giorno is forced to summon his Stand, Gold Experience, and creates a tree to escape. Koichi tries to break the tree, only for his attack to be reflected and knock him down. Before leaving Koichi at his mercy, Giorno tells Koichi that he is a good person. Koichi learned that Giorno Giovanna is a Stand user.


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