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Recap / Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo Bucciarati Is Coming

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Bruno Bucciarati introduces himself to Giorno, while starting his torture session.

Chapter(s) covering this arc: 443, 444, 445, 446, 447
Episode(s) covering this arc: S4E1 (second half), S4E2

NOTE: Events from the anime adaptation are in italics.


After his second encounter with Giorno, Koichi calls Jotaro with a payphone, asking who Giorno is. Jotaro told him that Giorno is the son of DIO and the fact that Jotaro wanted someone reliable like Koichi to investigate the boy.

Meanwhile, Giorno is taking a funicular, but he is approached by a man in white suit. While the man initially acts cordial towards Giorno, he asks Giorno who is responsible for Luca's death. Giorno answers that he had no idea what the man talking about. The man seemingly convinced and leaves the funicular, but suddenly Giorno discovers an eyeball in his closed left fist, much to his surprise. The man in white suddenly reappears and immediately licks Giorno's sweat, confirming he’s lying. The man reenters the funicular and introduces himself as Bruno Bucciarati, starting his torture session with Giorno. Learning that Bruno has similar powers, he summons Gold Experience, preparing to fight for his life.


A flashback details Giorno's past. He was fathered by DIO with a Japanese woman. His mother was neglectful, always leaving him alone while she is having fun. At the age four, his mother remarried with an Italian man, but he found out that his stepfather is an abusive person. Even worse that he become a target for bullies, and as a result, he came to think that he is the lowest of the low. One day, Giorno saw an injured man lying in the alley. A group of men came and asked where the man was and Giorno lie. He thought that the man was lonely like him. One of those men thought to look in the direction of the alley, but the wounded man was then hidden behind the grass. This was due to his Gold Experience's ability, but he didn’t realize it, so he did it subconsciously. Two months later, the man reunites with Giorno, giving thanks by saying: "I’ll never forget what you did to me." Since then, his life changed: his father to stop beating him, the bullies to more respectful to him such as offering a nice seat at a cinema, and the locals to act nicer towards him. The man always watches over Giorno wherever he is, but even though he's a child who always reading other people's moods, the man he helped treated him with utmost respect as a fellow human being. One night, when Giorno on the way home, he witnessed his hero's darker side: he had just shot someone. The man himself is a ruthless gangster, but the man he killed was a drug dealer who sold his products to women and children, claiming that he broke the code of conduct of his territory. Despite the drug dealer's son crying in front of them, Giorno only looked up to his hero even further, as Giorno thinks he is a decent person at heart. Inspiring himself from his hero, Giorno would forge a dream to become a "Gang-Star".


Back to the present day, Giorno summons Gold Experience. As Bucciarati attempts to attack Giorno, he is punched by Gold Experience, and suddenly he become fast and strong. Taking the advantage of this, he dodges Gold Experience's attacks, only realized his consciousness went out of control. Gold Experience thus punches Bucciarati in the jaw, the gangster feeling a long agonizing moment as the Stand punches one of his teeth out. At first, Giorno had no idea why he has this kind of ability, but he’ll definitely taking advantage of it.

Learning that Giorno is a Stand user, Bucciarati asks him once again that he's responsible for Luca's death, as his boss demands the reason why he attacked him. Giorno rebukes the accusation, and thus the clash between him and Bucciarati ensues. After a brief fist fight between Bucciarati's Stand, Sticky Fingers, and Giorno's Gold Experience, Bucciarati decides to flee and keep his distance anyway. Giorno chases Bucciarati, but when Bucciarati seemingly cornered at the alley, he takes advantage of the civilians to disappear. Giorno understands that one of the citizens is Bucciarati's hiding spot. A fly starts to bother one of those civilians, who swats the fly. Suddenly, Bucciarati emerges from that civilian. Giorno explains to Bucciarati that he gave live to the tooth that broke out from his mouth.

Bucciarati had no other choice but confronting Giorno face-to-face. He provokes Giorno as his Gold Experience, but Bucciarati retaliates and opens up zippers all over Giorno, revealing that has baited Giorno with the arm of the civilian he attached to himself via his Stand's zippers. When Bucciarati drops the arm and pauses for a moment, use this opportunity to retaliate by ripping his own arm and throws it at Bucciarati, who is then influenced by Gold Experience's life energy again. As his consciousness going berserk again, he subconsciously begs Giorno to not hit him again, but Giorno just simply walks away.

Confused, Bucciarati asks Giorno why he spared him, but Giorno has seen that Bucciarati was disturbed by the arm of the civilian, full of needle scars due to drug abuse despite only being thirteen years old. Giorno explains that even Bucciarati is a gangster, he is a good person, as he hesitated for a moment, thus he decided to not attack him. Explaining his reasons even further, Giorno claims that from here on out, Bucciarati will become his ally in trying to get rid of the drug trade. He finally and boldly announces his intention to overthrow the Boss of the gang, take over the organization and cleanse the city to become a Gang-Star.


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