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Recap / HeartCatch Pretty Cure!

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This is the recap page for Heartcatch Pretty Cure.

  1. I'm Going to Change! Watch Me Change!
  2. Am I the Weakest Pretty Cure in History?
  3. The Second Pretty Cure is Full of Motivation!
  4. Pretty Cure Combination Dissolves So Fast?
  5. Rejected Ramen! The Family Bond is Reconciled!
  6. A Scoop! Pretty Cure's True Identity Exposed!?
  7. Aspiring for the Student Council President! A Girl's Heart Can't Be Hidden!
  8. Sigh of a Charismatic Model! But Why?
  9. My Dad Was Scouted! He'll Stop Being a Florist?!
  10. Greatest Danger! Dark Cure Has Appeared!
  11. Gung Ho! Let's Power Up With Kung Fu!
  12. Heart Throbbing! The Big Proposal Plan!
  13. The Truth Revealed! Cure Moonlight's Identity!
  14. A Tearful Mother's Day! Protect the Family's Smile!
  15. What? The Student Council President is Dressed in Cute Clothes!
  16. The Rival is Erika! A Written Challenge From the Theatrical Club!
  17. Please Recognize Our Pretty Cure Spirit!
  18. The Strongest Legend! The Boss Appears! Nice to Meet You!
  19. Tearful Wedding! The Souvenir Photograph of Father's Day!
  20. The Third Fairy! Potpourri is Quite a Cute Baby!
  21. Fairy Adventure! The Pretty Cure Scouting Strategy!
  22. Finally Found! The Third Pretty Cure!
  23. Cure Sunshine is Born!
  24. Crisis of the Heart Tree! Time to Fly, Pretty Cure!
  25. Let's Go to the Beach! Itsuki's Lighthearted Summer Camp!
  26. Have Courage! It's Great to Make Friends!
  27. Who is that Handsome Old Man? Cure Flower's First Love Story!
  28. Sabaaku's Greatest Plan! We Won't Finish Our Summer Break Homework!
  29. Summer's Last Spurt! I Made My Dress!
  30. Potpourri Runs Away! Itsuki is Upset!
  31. The Saddening Truth of Their Identity! It Was Miss Yuri's Fairy...
  32. Showdown with the Handsome Man? No One Told Me That!
  33. Cure Moonlight is Finally Reborn!
  34. A New Amazing Power! Cure Moonlight!
  35. Exciting School Fair! Chaotic Fashion Club!
  36. Everyone's the Main Character! It's Our Stage!!
  37. Become Stronger! The Test is Pretty Cure vs. Pretty Cure
  38. The Pretty Cures, Transform Into the Super Silhouette!
  39. Erika in a Pinch! Marine Tact Has Been Stolen!
  40. Farewell, Sasorina...A Heart Flower That Blossoms Even in the Desert!!
  41. Fairies Transform!? The Pretty Cure Acting Troupe Begins!!
  42. Confused Yuri! A Love Letter is Found...
  43. A New Family Member! I'm Going to be a Sister!
  44. A Christmas Miracle! We Meet Cure Flower!
  45. It's of No Use Already...Our World Has Been Transformed Into a Desert...
  46. Komojacky! Cobraja! We Won't Forget About You!
  47. Please Tell Me You're Lying! The True Identity of Dr. Sabaaku!!
  48. For Our Planet! For Our Dreams! The Pretty Cures Will Transform One Last Time!!
  49. Everyone's Hearts Are One! I'm the Strongest Pretty Cure!!

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