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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 48 The Power To Save Juri Beelzebumons Fist

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With the D-Reaper approaching, the people at Hypnos headquarters realize that they’ll need to relocate. Takato is still focused on saving Juri.

Shibumi praises the Ark for its hard work, and Guilmon tries to engage in small talk with it. Megumi and Reika extract the data of the Digital World’s current state from Grani’s memory and find it to be a wasteland. The kids are horrified at seeing what the D-Reaper is doing to it. To make matters worse, the D-Reaper is starting to attack real world communication centers all over the planet, and while the other adults are fearful of what’s to come, Yamaki decides that they need to have faith in the children and can’t allow them to fight alone.


Beelzebumon wakes up, but the D-Reaper begins to pull him away from Juri and Culumon. The D-Reaper builds a defensive barrier around its central sphere, and as the others see it from afar, Ruki spots Beelzebumon, and the kids and their Digimon decide to go in to help him out.

They’re immediately approached by a ton of Agents, and Takato, Jian, Ruki, and Ryou matrix evolve with their Digimon to their Ultimate levels. Hypnos and the Wild Bunch re-launches Grani, equipping it with a new ability and sending it to assist Dukemon.

As Dukemon and Grani approach the center sphere in the hopes of saving Juri, Beelzebumon manages to break free of the D-Reaper’s bindings, but the D-Reaper refuses to have any of that and teleports him outside the sphere. He meets up with Dukemon, who assists him in attempting to break open the barrier, but nothing works and they’re found by other Agents.


The D-Reaper begins to transmit images of its observation of the battle all around Japan, including those of Takato within Dukemon. This includes to the location of Takato’s elementary school, in a temporary location, and Miss Asanuma bursts out with the rest of the class to wish him good luck. At Hypnos, the children’s families and the others realize that the children are rather literally fighting with the Digimon.

Shaochung becomes frustrated with her inability to do anything, and Lopmon decides to go off and help. As he evolves into Andiramon, Shaochung decides to use the Device Card Ryou gave her, which gives Andiramon extra power. Andiramon manages to save Hirokazu and Kenta, who are helpless as Guardromon fights off a bunch of Agents, just in time.

The D-Reaper’s main body continues to barrage Dukemon and Beelezbumon with attacks, and to add insult to injury begins to use Juri’s voice to remind Beelzebumon about how he loaded Leomon. Beelzebumon, however, believes himself to be beyond the point where forgiveness matters and is determined to save Juri at all cost. The D-Reaper begins to eat away at Beelzebumon’s gun, but as he remembers how it had come from Makoto’s toy gun, he only becomes more incensed and continues attacking.


Yamaki uses a satellite link that hasn’t been affected by the D-Reaper in order to get in touch with Takato. He tells Takato that they’ve equipped Grani with the Yuggoth Blaster. Dukemon and Grani successfully use it to break apart the barrier around the central sphere, and Takato calls out to Juri, telling her that Beelzebumon wants to rescue her.

As Beelzebumon desperately tries to break open the sphere separating him and Juri, Juri barely begins to register that Beelzebumon sincerely wants to save her. She finally manages to stand up and ask for Beelzebumon’s help, but is shaken when she’s suddenly reminded of Leomon. When Beelzebumon begins to wish for power that’ll help him break apart the sphere, he ends up using Leomon’s Fist of the Beast King attack, and although it breaks open the sphere it shakes whatever resolve Juri had managed to gather.

Beelzebumon reaches out to Juri, telling her to grab his hand so that she and Culumon can get out, but Juri is in too much pain over Leomon and fails to do so in time for the barrier to close up again and push Beelzebumon out. Takato continues to call for Juri and Juri hears him, but the D-Reaper resumes attacking Beelzebumon and Dukemon, gravely injuring the former.


  • Mythology Gag: Megumi snapping her fingers and yelling “Bingo!” could potentially be a reference to Miyako.
  • Wham Shot: To the adults in the Hypnos HQ and to basically everyone watching the broadcast when it was suddenly showing visual feedback from the D-Reaper's point of view. The families of Takato, Ruki, and Jian became horrified to see that their children aren't just assisting the Digimon in fighting the D-Reaper's agents, but rather they're personally fighting them as one with their partners.

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