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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 38 The True Enemy Comes Alive Battle Of The Four Holy Beasts

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At Hypnos headquarters, Daisy begins to formulate the completed form of the Ark designed to take the children home, but progress remains slow despite the assistance of Hypnos technology.

With Zhuqiaomon royally pissed off, Ruki matrix evolves Renamon to Taomon via Card Slash. Taomon creates a barrier to protect the group from Zhuqiaomon’s attacks, but keeping them away from Zhuqiaomon proves draining for her. Despite Takato and Jian’s objections, Guilmon and Terriermon go in on the attack. They’re quickly shrugged off and thrown into the water below, and as they try to swim back Takato pleads with Zhuqiaomon about why they have to fight.


They’re saved by the appearance of Qinglongmon, another one of the Holy Beast Digimon, who begins battle with Zhuqiaomon. Qinglongmon tells Zhuqiaomon to stop his fight with the humans, but Zhuqiaomon refuses to back down and continues to consider humans his enemies for killing the Devas and supposedly destroying the Digital World. Zhuqiaomon’s goal is to obtain the power of evolution so that the Digimon can fight the “true enemy”, and when Jian asks Lopmon what the “true enemy” is, Lopmon doesn’t know the details but knows that it’s something that’s not a Digimon, human, or DigiGnome.

Qinglongmon tells Zhuqiaomon that the “true enemy” has started to emerge again because the Digimon have evolved too quickly, and believes that the way to take care of it is to stop evolution. Zhuqiaomon realizes that Qinglongmon was the one who turned the DigiEntelechia into Culumon in the hopes of hiding it away and tells Qinglongmon that he’s retrieved it so that Digimon can evolve without the help of humans.


Qinglongmon and Zhuqiaomon begin to fight again, and Takato screams for them to stop. Calling for Guilmon as he runs out of Taomon’s barrier, he successfully matrix evolves with Guilmon to Dukemon. Dukemon provides a powerful example of a Digimon evolving with a human, and while Zhuqiaomon is forced to acknowledge Dukemon’s sheer power, he still finds it disgusting. Qinglongmon intervenes in the battle, telling them to fight together against the true enemy instead of each other.

Ryou and Cyberdramon, meanwhile, find themselves approaching the castle of the Holy Beast Baihumon. Both of them find themselves faced not with Baihumon but with Xuanwumonnote , the last of the four Holy Beasts, who’s covering for Baihumon in his absence. Xuanwumon proves to be rather friendly, and points them towards the valley where Baihumon is fighting with something. Cyberdramon wishes to fight it, but Xuanwumon tells them that it’s far too powerful for them to handle.


Takato’s group is found by Hirokazu, Kenta, Guardromon, and Juri, with Juri still being listless and wondering if everything is up to fate. Jian asks Qinglongmon and Zhuqiaomon what the “true enemy” is, and they finally give a much-needed Info Dump: a mysterious entity that’s been around since the beginning of the Digital World has been trying to eliminate Digimon.

Qinglongmon explains that the true enemy had once appeared in the Digital World, destroying Digimon and the DigiGnomes before suddenly disappearing and creating its own world separate from the Digital World. As the Digital World began to grow and the Digimon evolved, deeper layers within the Digital World began to form, creating the worlds that the kids had been transported to via the wandering lights. The Digimon who had evolved the furthest created the deepest layer in the hopes of maintaining the order of the Digital World. However, the evolution of the Digimon had caused the “true enemy” to return, and in order to hide it, the DigiGnomes turned the DigiEntelechia, the power of evolution, into Culumon.

As they discuss this, the DigiGnomes bring Shibumi to the site of the discussion, and Takato realizes that the DigiGnomes have the power to make wishes come true. Takato asks Shibumi what the “true enemy” is, and Shibumi identifies it as the “D-Reaper”...while meanwhile Shibumi’s body, in the real world, lies comatose in a hospital.

In the Digital World, Shibumi explains that the D-Reaper was a program made long ago by humans in the hopes of eliminating useless data from the network that seems to have gone far beyond its original bounds. Shibumi is unable to explain more as he suddenly wakes up in the real world and vanishes from the Digital World.

Ryou and Cyberdramon are blown away from Baihumon and the D-Reaper’s battle, while Culumon continues to try to find a way out of his prison and runs into a bunch of strange, red blobs...



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