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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 30 Urgent Message From The Digital World Culumon Is

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The group sleeps in a cave, and Takato eventually wakes up Guilmon so they can switch guard with Terriermon and Jian. Takato wonders where Ruki is.

Ruki and Renamon end up in a forest, where they find a bunch of the strange creatures that had accompanied Culumon. Meanwhile, Beezlemon rides his motorcycle around, deciding that he needs to test his newfound strength by fighting.

Takato and Jian decide that the best thing to do is to return to the spot with the flag in the hopes of finding Ruki. Hirokazu and Kenta muse that they’re not getting along very well with Ruki, but Juri says that she likes her. Hirokazu and Kenta attribute Ruki not liking them to the fact they don’t have Digimon partners, but Leomon says that they’ll probably find them soon...although he soon reveals to Juri that he just wanted to keep their hopes up.


The group finds that the flag is gone, and Guilmon catches Culumon’s scent. Realizing that Culumon must have escaped the Deva and taken the flag, Takato concludes that Culumon must be looking for them as well.

In the real world, Yamaki watches a news report about the evacuation in Shinjuku. At the Hypnos headquarters, a bunch of government agents look over the scene, talking about how they’re investigating what’s left after Yamaki was removed from his position. They reactivate the systems, causing the environment in the Digital World to go haywire.

To avoid more light pillars, Takato’s group takes refuge in a cave, and Leomon says that the world has become strange ever since the storms began. The communicator that Yamaki gave Takato begins to light up, and Yamaki gets an email from Takato telling him that they’re doing well. Reika, serving him breakfast, is happy to know that they’re doing fine, and asks about Yamaki himself.


The wind in the Digital World stops, and the communicator turns off. Takato wonders if his email went through.

Ruki asks Renamon what the strange creatures are, and Renamon says that they’re not Digimon before going off to find food. Beelzebumon runs into a bunch of Chrysalimon and obliterates a large number of them, pleased with his new strength. Culumon’s nearby presence causes many of them to merge into an Infermon, but Beelzebumon quickly defeats and loads him, pleased at his new strength. Caturamon finds Beelzebumon and reminds him of his promise to defeat the Tamers.

When Ruki says that she’s thirsty, the strange creatures suddenly grab Ruki and lead her to a lake. The appearance of a large wave suddenly scares the creatures away and Ruki is pulled down the stream, only to be saved by none other than Culumon. Renamon suddenly arrives and pushes Ruki and Culumon away as a geyser catches hold of them. Ruki’s stress over Renamon’s safety and Culumon’s presence evolves Renamon to Kyuubimon, who saves them and points out that they’re back in the part of the Digital World they first arrived in.


At the Hypnos headquarters, the agents prepare to test Shaggai, and an agent attempts to get a hold of Yamaki.

Guilmon senses that Culumon is coming towards Takato’s group, and they’re soon reunited with Ruki, Kyuubimon, and Culumon. With their objective of rescuing Culumon completed, the group tries to figure out a way to return home, with Jian unable to get any reaction out of the communicator. Hirokazu and Kenta suggest finding Ryou and asking him for help, to Ruki’s displeasure.

The group is found by Beelzebumon. Kyuubimon recognizes him as Impmon, but Beelzebumon declares that Impmon’s gone and only he is there now. Beelzebumon announces his intent to kill them, and aims his gun at Kyuubimon. The group is hesitant to fight Impmon, but Ruki has no qualms and matrix evolves Kyuubimon via Card Slash.

At Hypnos, the government agents execute Shaggai to test it, causing the Digital World storm to pick up again and, in the real world, exposing itself as a hole in the sky that Jiangyu catches sight of. Irritated at the storm, Beelzebumon takes his leave, and when the agents attempt to end their test, they find themselves unable to stop Shaggai. Fortunately, Yamaki and Reika arrive just in time to take control of the situation.

Caturamon appears to the group and attacks, capturing Culumon. Takato is sent into a light stream, while Terriermon and Jian are thrown into another, and Yamaki meanwhile manages to successfully shut down Shaggai. The storm in the Digital World shuts down, but the group is left with Takato, Jian, and Terriermon separated from them and Culumon kidnapped.


  • Conspicuous CGI: Beelzebumon’s bullets are in this.
  • Verbal Tic: Terriermon tries to imitate Culumon by using his “-culu” tic...leading to a few moments of awkward silence.

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