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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 27 Impmon Evolves The Shudder Of Beelzebumon The Dark Lord

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Takato, Jian, and Juri search for Hirokazu and Kenta, and Terriermon catches sight of a strange-looking village with bizarre domed huts. Upon entering the village, Jian finds tire marks on the ground, and a large motorcycle without a driver suddenly starts wheeling towards them. The group splits up trying to get away, but the motorcycle starts chasing Takato and Guilmon to the point where it’s about to run over a baby Tsuchidarumonnote . Leomon tackles the Tsuchidarumon out of the way and the bike smashes through a house, killing its father and speeding off.


The group is greeted by the Tsuchidarumon village inhabitants, who treat them to food in order to thank them for helping the baby. The food turns out to be a strange mud-looking substance...but Juri digs in and finds it to be good.

Impmon finds himself completely surrounded by a white mist, and is soon found by the dog Deva. He asks Impmon if he wants to be stronger.

Takato thanks the Tsuchidarumon for the food, and Jian asks them if they’ll be punished by the Devas for helping humans. The Tsuchidarumon elder says that he doesn’t know anything about the Devas, and regardless they’re in the Forgotten Village, a village of lost data that nobody pays much mind too. Leomon and Jian wonder about the mysterious motorcycle, and the elder says that it randomly appears to terrorize their village before leaving. Every time the bike has appeared, it’s claimed victims, and some of the Tsuchidarumon have theorized that it’s seeking a driver.


The group is distressed to see the Tsuchidarumon resigned to their fates of slowly being killed by the motorcycle, but the Tsuchidarumon are unwilling to leave their village. Jian takes Takato outside and tells him that it may be better for them not to get involved. However, seeing some Tsuchidarumon children playing with Guilmon, Takato is upset that they could eventually become future victims.

Culumon continues to wander around, seeing the Real World sphere in the sky. He begins to feel lonely.

The dog Deva offers Impmon power and the ability to evolve if he agrees to serve his god. Impmon isn’t very happy about the idea of being a slave to someone else, but the Deva gives him a vision of Ai and Makoto fighting over a puppy. The Deva tells Impmon that there’s no place for him in the human world.


The motorcycle re-emerges, and the village goes into panic again. Jian evolves Terriermon via Option Card, but neither Galgomon nor Leomon’s attacks affect the motorcycle. Guilmon boards the motorcycle trying to get it to stop, and a mouse-like object falls off. Juri identifies the object as actually being a Choromonnote , and the Choromon thanks them for “saving” Guilmon, suddenly being controlled by the motorcycle, heads towards them.

The Choromon tells the group that the motorcycle controls whoever’s riding it until someone else replaces them, forcing its rider to ride it forever. Juri likens it to the tale of the red shoes, which forced their wearer to dance until they die. Jian uses an Option Card to give Galgomon a shield against the attacking Guilmon, and Takato decides to get on the bike to take Guilmon’s place before Jian holds him back.

Impmon decides that what he wants is to become stronger, and asks the dog Deva if he can if he serves his god. The dog Deva explains to Impmon that since the Digimon currently lack the power that allows them to evolve naturally, he has to receive the power from their god. If Impmon wants to gain the power to evolve, he needs to make a contract to destroy the Tamers and their Digimon. Impmon is hesitant to fight Guilmon and his friends, but agrees to do it for the sake of becoming stronger. The dog Deva throws Impmon into a pit, where he falls into a bunch of red liquid...

Galgomon asks Juri how the tale of the red shoes ended, and Juri responds that the shoes were never able to come off. Fortunately, Leomon intervenes and manages to get Guilmon off the bike by knocking him out with the blunt of his sword. Guilmon goes back to normal, to Takato’s relief, and Leomon tells them that he’d figured the bike can’t infect anyone’s consciousness if they’re knocked out of consciousness.

The bike suddenly runs into a pit of red liquid, and Takato is happy to know that the Tsuchidarumon village won’t be in danger anymore. Jian, recognizing that he was wrong earlier, says that Takato’s feelings and honesty were what saved them. They’re suddenly interrupted, however, by the appearance of a Digimon emerging from the pit and riding the bike, seemingly able to control the bike by himself. The Digimon rides off, proclaiming his name to be Beelzebumonnote .



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