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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 25 Enter The Digital World Goodbye To Our City

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The group enters the Digital World, finding themselves in a strange realm without normal physics. After trying to figure out the physics in the place, they fall onto land, where Guilmon finds that they’ve lost all of the bread. The Digital World appears to be a vast landscape with various mysterious oddities around and the real world in a sphere above them.

Takato plants his Digimon Tamers flag into the ground, and the group takes some pictures together to commemorate their arrival in the Digital World. However, the pictures turn out to be strangely fuzzy, and Takato finds that the communicator Yamaki gave him isn’t working. Juri is unsure if they’ll be ever able to return to the real world, but Takato urges them to have faith. Ruki scales a cliff to get a look around and finds a bunch of antennas in the distance, and, hoping to find someone living there, the group heads towards them.


Makuramon continues going into the Digital World with Culumon, but a mysterious force suddenly holds Culumon back. The power causes him to lose hold on Culumon’s cage and fall.

The group reaches the place and finds that the antennas were actually just strangely shaped rocks. The group takes a break to eat with some of the food the group has brought, and they’re approached by a bunch of floating, glowing balls. Renamon identifies as nothing more than random packets of data, and that it means something is coming. Night suddenly arrives without much of a transition, and as a light starts to hover around, Renamon and Leomon explain that getting caught in it could mean getting transported somewhere without warning.

The group is found by a Meramon, who attacks them. Leomon quickly defeats him, and Meramon realizes that he’s facing not just Digimon but also humans from the real world. Takato explains the situation with Culumon and Makuramon, while Hirokazu and Kenta decide they wouldn’t want Meramon for a partner. Meramon says that he hasn’t seen Culumon and Makuramon, and has been trying to defeat enemies to load them and go to the real world.


Impmon arrives in the Digital World, wondering why he was brought there.

Takato reflects on why Digimon want to reach the real world, and Jian says that it’s all Digimon know as their way of life - in fact, Terriermon, Renamon, and Leomon had all been like that before meeting their partners. The Digimon suddenly sense something coming, and the group suddenly finds themselves having to take cover from a rampaging stampede of Jagamon. Meramon impulsively attacks the stampede, but is quickly run over and dissolves into data. Renamon says that such a thing couldn’t be helped, as it’s the law of the Digital World.

A bunch of strange creatures swarm around Culumon, freeing him from his cage.

Hirokazu and Kenta wake up in the morning to find themselves in a different place from where they’d slept and the others making a grave for Meramon. Hirokazu and Kenta find a Jagamon and the kids berate him for being in the group that caused Meramon’s death, but the Jagamon protests that they were scared and Renamon points out that Meramon had been the one to invade their territory and attack. Takato asks him about Culumon and Makuramon, and the group of Jagamon around them recognize the latter. They point the group in the direction of where they’d seen Makuramon.


Makuramon and the dragon Deva return to where Makuramon had left Culumon, only to find the cage empty.

As the group walks in the direction the Jagamon pointed them to, Takato wonders why the Jagamon are all Perfect level and their own Digimon tend to regress to Child form. Jian theorizes that while it’d be theoretically possible for their own Digimon to stay at Perfect level, they probably feel more stable in their Child forms, and Takato muses that he prefers Guilmon as Guilmon as he’s worried about Digimon becoming so dangerous when they evolve.

One of the strange lights approaches them, and Hirokazu and Kenta get separated from the others when trying to run from it. Ruki and Renamon decide to go after them, and the group ends up split.



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