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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 22 Vikaralamon Appears Protect My Town

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Takato returns home and fetches some bread, and despite his mom reminding him that he needs to study, goes off to meet Guilmon knowing that it’s more important. While he’s on his way, however, a large earthquake occurs, and as the news reports that the earthquake only hit Shinjuku, Jian decides to take Terriermon and go out, having to take him from Shaochung in the process and causing her to cry.


Terriermon berates Jian for being so harsh on Shaochung, and Jian suddenly catches sight of a store with a poster of the Chinese zodiac animals. There, they run into Ruki and her grandmother; Jian tells Ruki that he’s going to meet Takato, and Ruki decides to tag along after getting permission from her grandmother. Just then, Ruki’s mother calls and invites her to hang out with her, but Ruki turns it down and runs off with Jian.

Still injured from his battle with Indaramon, Impmon agonizes while resting in a sewer.

Takato and Guilmon hang out with Culumon, Hirokazu, and Kenta, and Hirokazu expresses his wish to become a Tamer. Takato brings up Leomon, saying that more Digimon like him could appear to be partnered to, but Kenta reminds him that Leomon went off without doing much else.

Juri appears and shows the group her deck of Digimon cards, asking them to teach her how to play the card game. Seeing cards in there that they’ve always wanted, Hirokazu and Kenta start badgering her to trade with them; Ruki and Jian arrive, and Ruki decides to take Juri aside to teach her how to play. Juri wonders if Leomon will return, and Ruki tells her it’s good to think that he might.


Jian presents the others with the poster of the Chinese zodiac animals he got from the store, and points out that the Devas they’ve seen so far resemble animals from the zodiac, meaning that the remaining ones are the rabbit, dragon, monkey, dog, and boar. Kenta is distressed that there’s still five more Devas. As the day ends, the group finds the strange-looking boy staring at them. He taunts them before running off, and Juri, wanting to see if they can talk to him, chases after.

At Hypnos, Reika detects another Wild One in west Shinjuku. Yamaki wonders if it’s related to the earthquake, and Reika and Megumi find the Wild One to be the biggest one they’ve ever seen. Yamaki gets a notice from his superior, telling him to hurry up and investigate it.

Juri has no luck in stopping the strange kid while the others follow her, and Takato realizes that the strange kid has always been focusing on Culumon. Guilmon and Terriermon notice a presence, and another earthquake starts. The boy gets away, while Impmon’s shelter begins to break down.


Yamaki finds Jiangyu and demands analysis data from him. Jiangyu tells Yamaki that it’s not easy to find the base program data when the Digimon have evolved on their own, and Yamaki tells him to give whatever he has so far.

Guilmon and Terriermon go off to find the Digimon, with Terriermon and Renamon informing Jian, Takato, and Ruki of its presence. The kids pick up the chase, eventually finding the Digimon materializing at a park. At Hypnos, Yamaki orders his Bridge Bunnies to execute Shaggai.

The kids find the Digimon to be a large boar, while a light approaches Impmon and tells him to “come back”. Impmon wonders if it’s the only place he can return to.

Takato’s Digivice identifies the Digimon as Vikaralamon, and Vikaralamon begins to rampage around, causing destruction everywhere. Takato, Jian, and Ruki send their Digimon in and evolve them via Card Slash, with Takato having Hirokazu and Kenta take care of Juri and Culumon. The self-defense forces and Growmon, Galgomon, and Kyuubimon attack Vikaralamon, but nothing they do has any effect.

The Bridge Bunnies at Hypnos starts up Shaggai, and Jiangyu asks what it’s doing. Yamaki explains that it’s going to destroy all of the digital life forms in the real world; Jiangyu is distressed that this could mean the destruction of the kids’ Digimon as well, but Yamaki reminds him that Jianliang has gotten involved in this whole mess and says that this is the only way to stop the destruction.

Growmon, Galgomon, and Kyuubimon’s only option left are to evolve to Perfect, and Takato, Jian, and Ruki remember their families are in danger when the town is being destroyed. They hold up Option Cards, which transform into blue cards when the three of them express their wishes to protect their families and town, and use them to matrix evolve Growmon, Galgomon, and Kyuubimon to MegaloGrowmon, Rapidmon, and Taomon.

Before they can properly fight, however, Yamaki orders Shaggai to be executed despite Jiangyu’s protests.



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