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Recap / Digimon Tamers E 13 The Order To Capture The Digimon The Sinister Foreboding

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Takato and Guilmon take down a DarkLizarmonnote  when government agents suddenly enter the area and the Realized Digimon insists on staying in the Real World and evolving with a partner. The government agents use a smoke bomb to take down the Digimon, and Yamaki appears, telling Takato to stick to his card games and not play the “dangerous game” that he’s taking part in. Takato tries to explain that he’s working to stop rampaging, dangerous Digimon and that Guilmon is different from them, but Yamaki takes his leave, taking the DarkLizarmon away and threatening to take Guilmon away too.


A depressed Takato returns Guilmon to his hideout for the night, and Guilmon assures Takato that he’ll become stronger and evolve. Takato, however, is frightened by the idea of Guilmon changing, and runs off, leaving a confused Guilmon behind.

Hypnos detects another Wild One, but Yamaki tells his Bridge Bunnies to ignore the small ones. The tracer begins to go berserk...only for one of the Bridge Bunnies to find Culumon wandering around the room and fawn all over him. While Yamaki checks on the laboratory that’s analyzing DarkLizarmon, the two Bridge Bunnies look for Culumon, with one of them believing that it’s an automated talking stuffed animal. DarkLizarmon demands to be released, wanting to live in the real world, but Yamaki continues to believe him to only be an artificial intelligence imitating humans and that his presence in the real world is a mistake. The scientists destroy DarkLizarmon, and as the dying DarkLizarmon says that his “god” will punish them, they reason that he must be referring to humans.


Takato sees Miss Asanuma in the morning, who tells him not to bring his games and cards along because such things cause her to worry. In class, Takato greets an unenthusiastic Hirokazu and Kenta, and during the lecture Takato designs another potential evolution for Guilmon. Juri cheers him up by passing him a note containing a doodle of Guilmon.

At Jian’s house, Terriermon’s getting in contact with his Digimon friends with the computer and finds a Digimon he doesn’t recognize. Before he can pursue it further, however, Shaochung enters the room and pulls him away, while Jian’s computer starts to act up.

Takato meets up with Hirokazu and Kenta after school, and Juri asks them if they’re going to play with Digimon cards. Hirokazu claims that he’s decided that Digimon is just a child’s game, and Takato tells him halfheartedly that he doesn’t have to keep playing if he’s not interested. As Juri says that she likes Digimon if Takato’s friend Guilmon is a Digimon, Hirokazu and Kenta leave, and Takato briefly snaps at Juri that it’s not a game before retracting and running off.


Yamaki has a conference with his superiors about the Government Conspiracy hiding the fact that a network is spawning dangerous living beings, and they discuss the origins of Digimon: a group of scientists had started an open-source project in around 1980, and although the project was cancelled, the concept had become the popular Digimon franchise. However, some of the creatures the project had started began to grow within the network and evolve, and are starting to appear in the real world in the hopes of loading data from opponents.

Yamaki, insistent that Digimon must be destroyed, discusses his request for “Shaggai”note , explaining that it’ll cause some bugs in the network but will eventually be passed off as random Internet errors. His superiors warn him that since it could potentially become a weapon that can be used against other countries, Shaggai’s existence should not be revealed, and tell him to perform a test.

Takato brings up to Guilmon how he was afraid of Growmon when he first evolved, and Guilmon says that he’ll always be himself and that he and Takato are friends. Takato realizes that Guilmon’s matured a lot since he was first born, while he himself hasn’t changed much. He apologizes to Guilmon for not having faith in him, and says that he doesn’t want to be so cowardly.

Yamaki approaches Jian’s father, Jiangyunote , and mentions Jiangyu’s achievements in the past when the Net was small. He then tells Jiangyu that he’s looking for some of his “fellow players”, that “one of them hasn't grown up yet”, and that everything will be clear in due time - but when Jiangyu tries to get him to explain, Yamaki disappears and Jiangyu runs into Jianliang.

Renamon tells Ruki that becoming stronger may be through more than just evolution, and Ruki feels strangely happy to hear this. Culumon watches the sunset at a bridge, only to be approached by Impmon. Impmon, irritated that Culumon hangs out with humans and plays with them, challenges him to evolve and battle him, but Culumon only says that he doesn’t evolve. Impmon decides that he’ll fight Culumon anyway and load his data.

Yamaki has Hypnos load Shaggai, which inverts the network’s flow, and Yamaki reveals that Shaggai will use DarkLizarmon’s data as bait for Wild Ones and destroy them. Takato looks through his card deck and finds an evolution Option Card that he could use to evolve Guilmon instantly, and Guilmon senses the presence of a Digimon.

At dinner, Jian tries to bring up his father’s past experience in working with Digimon, but Jiangyu tells him not to talk about that kind of thing at dinner. After dinner, Terriermon goes to the window and notices something, and Guilmon tells Takato that he can feel a “terribly powerful Digimon”.



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