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Recap / Degrassi S 10 E 8 Better Off Alone

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Do you think you're better off alone?
Do you think you're better off alone?
Talk to me
Alice Deejay, Better Off Alone

A Plot

The next day at school, KC, Bianca, and Fitz are wasted and hungover in the parking lot of Degrassi. Jenna comes up and doesn't approve of KC's behavior and him being so reluctant to trust his mom. KC is fed up with people telling him what to do, and Jenna reminds him that if he doesn't watch out, he'll end up like Bianca and Fitz.

At football practice, KC is angry and pissed and takes his anger out on Owen. They nearly get into a fight before Coach Armstrong calls him over. Coach Armstrong is concerned for KC, and tells KC to talk to him if he has any problems. After school, KC confronts his mother about just why she wants him out the group home. She says that he needs to be with his mother and KC admits he stole her gin. He says that he doesn't want to end up like her and begs her to let him stay him in the group home, but Ms. Guthrie refuses, he belongs with her. KC is willing to go to court.


At the group home, a lawyer consults with KC and the group home leader. He gives him hope to stay in the group home, and wants him to speak with his coach for his reference. KC approaches Armstrong the next day and begs him to vouch for him. But Armstrong doesn't want to get involved as it's too personal of an issue. KC is pissed and takes it out on Coach Armstrong's car, keying it. Jenna sees it and is in disbelief.

The next day, Coach Armstrong sees his car has been keyed. He also sees KC acting supicious/guilty, walking into the school. KC finds Jenna and wants to get out of Degrassi FAST, but just then Principal Snake calls him to the office. In the office, it's KC and his mom against his social worker, Snake, and Armstrong. Snake mentions that they're all concerned for him, and KC brutally dismisses them. They bring up his acting out and the keyed up car, and KC's mom stands up for him. She asks for proof, and thinks they're targeting KC due to his background. KC and his mom have a private chat and KC asks why she covered for him. KC's mom says that he's her son, she won't anyone beat him up. She doesn't want to pressure KC anymore to stay with her, mainly because she knows what it's like not to have control.


Later, KC comes to his mom's apartment...with his things. KC's mom asks if she's here to stay, and KC says he's still scared to trust her. KC's mom says she's scared too but she's so elated. But she wants to have a discussion on the drinking and keyed up car. What kind of mom would she be if she let him get away with that? KC tells his mom that he really missed her. They embrace.

B Plot

Clare's parents are still fighting, something that causing her great stress. In the car before school, Clare asks her parents about what's going on and Clare's mom reassures her nothing's wrong. Despite her dad working late and them refuses to spend time with each other. Clare talks about Eli about her mom in the hallway. Eli thinks they get divorce, which Clare says that's impossible. But she doesn't like feeling this way. Eli suggests to put her feelings towards her parent's crumbling relationship in her writing.

The next day, in class Eli is impressed with Clare's monologue. Ms. Dawes, spots the two of them and lightly chastises them for skipping class: They better have a good writing assignment. She calls on Clare to share her writing, to which Clare is hesitant but agrees. She delivers a personal, emotional monologue about her fear of her parents eventually divorcing. Ms. Dawes is impressed, and Eli sets her up to read it at the student showcase - in front of her mom.


At the student showcase, Clare is freaking out. Eli tells her that she needed to take risks and Clare says that this is entirely too personal for her to go out there. Clare gets cold feet and decides not to bring up her personal life at the showcase. However afterwards at home, she gives her writing to her mother. Her mom is just as worried as she is, and promises to talk more with her father later that night. Eli comes by, and says he respects her decision about her mom and Clare says she did indeed share her writing with her mom. Eli smugly says his plan worked and gives her noise-cancellation headphones in case her parents' fighting escalates. He promises not to meddle but Clare tells him she wouldn't mind it if he meddle some more.

C Plot

Dave still thinks Alli is into him. In media immersion, he puts the moves on her and Alli drops the bomb that Drew is her boyfriend. Dave is peeved. But Alli's hoping Drew can be her boyfriend. But when Alli invites him to go out to movies but he brushes her off. Drew thinks she's smart and beautiful, but cites his busy schedule to not be Alli's boyfriend. However, he later changes his mind but he only wants to make out with her — and Alli is okay with it.


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