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Recap / Bull S 4 E 18 Off The Rails

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Season 4, Episode 18

Directed by Mike Smith
Written by Travis Donnelly

Off the Rails

On a snowy evening, train pilot Walter Mora (Craig Grant, AKA muMs the Schemer) sees a green signal but his train crashes into a parked train, killing four passengers and injuring several more. Mora awakes from his own injuries six days later with no recollection of the incident. TAC takes the case, defending Mora against the train company which has ruled pilot error, but Bull quickly notices that Mora is depressed and seems unwilling to fight. Danny interviews a potential witness, another train pilot who was fired for saying a signal was green when it should have been red, but he could see the idle train in the distance and was able to stop. After that witness is ruled out because there is no proof to support his claims, Taylor works all night to uncover anomalies in the train company's maintenance records that support intermittently malfunctioning signals. Meanwhile, Benny presses Bull to get his daughter baptized, while Bull is refusing because Izzy will not marry him for a second time.

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