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Recap / Bull S 4 E 19 The Sovereigns

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Season 4, Episode 19

Directed by Carlos Bernard
Written by Pamela Wechsler

The Sovereigns

Idealistic Judge Duggan (Kelcy Griffin) is arrested for obstructing the FBI when they show up in her courtroom to arrest a witness, a nurse who helped a doctor in an assisted suicide. Duggan had allowed the witness to leave out the back door of the court so she could meet with lawyers before being arrested. The FBI claims they are within their rights to arrest anyone on a Federal crime, but Duggan contests witnesses who make deals should not feel threatened by another agency. Bull instructs Benny that they want jurors who can see not just the letter of the law, but also the intent of the law. Benny seems to be making headway in the hearing, when the prosecution calls a rebuttal witness to the stand. The witness says Duggan had lunch with him twice to discuss the possibility of a daytime courtroom show. Though Duggan says she made no deal with the witness, the jury is affected and finds her guilty. As a last-ditch effort, Bull and Benny find a way to appeal to the acting judge (Xander Berkeley) in Duggan's case during the sentencing phase.
  • To Be Lawful or Good: TAC looks for jurors that are able to identify the difference between them. They also make this appeal to the judge at the end.

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