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Recap / American Horror Story S 03 E 02 Boy Parts

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Season 03, Episode 02:

Boy Parts

Fiona helps Zoe and Madison deal with a horrific tragedy. Delphine La Laurie struggles to adjust to modern life. Cordelia faces a dark decision regarding her own family.

In the Louisiana bayou, two Cajun poachers return with their catch, a dead alligator. Misty Day appears wandering into their camp, horrified with all the hung up alligators. She resurrects the animals who in turn, kill the poachers.

At the academy, Cordelia calls for a morning gathering. Zoe is still upset over Kyle's death and obsessively searches him on the internet. Madison insincerely apologises, saying Kyle would have died anyway if he tried sleeping with Zoe and her black widow powers. Meanwhile, Fiona is holding Delphine hostage, trying to find out what is keeping her alive. Delphine's fear of present technology makes her an uncooperative hostage.


During the gathering, Queenie recalls how she ended up at the academy. She tells the girls about her previous employment at a chicken restaurant and how a customer was rude so she stuck her arm in the deep-fat fryer, transferring severe burns to his arm. This led to Cordelia finding her. Queenie also tells them that she's a direct descendant of the slave witch, Tituba who was the first person to be accused of witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials. Two police detectives come to question Zoe and Madison about the events at the frat party. Madison calmly denies their involvement in the boy's deaths. Zoe, however, panics when the officers point out the similarly odd deaths of Archie and Zoe's ex-boyfriend. She breaks down, babbling about Madison's gang rape and their identities as witches allowed Madison to flip the bus with her powers. Fiona intervenes, using her powers to mind control the officers. She nearly kills one of them as he starts to convulse whilst trying to deny her powers. She tells them never to investigate the bus again. They leave and Fiona berates the girls for leaving a trail that would raise suspicion to them. She's particularly angry with Zoe who not only visited Archie in hospital but immediately gave up their secret. She reminds them that even the weakest witches are better than the strongest humans. The only thing the girls have to fear is her.


Madison and Zoe break into the morgue with Madison wanting to thank Zoe for her support after the gang rape. She's stolen a spell of Cordelia's and plans to bring Kyle back to life. The girls find the dismembered body parts of the frat boys, including Kyle's head and plan to build the 'perfect boyfriend'. They perform the ritual but Kyle's body remains lifeless. Madison goes back to the car, leaving Zoe behind to look for her phone when she sees a car arriving. Zoe kisses Kyle goodbye, apologising for getting him involved with witches. The driver finds Zoe hiding in the morgue but before he can react, Kyle beats and kills him having come to life. They both flee the morgue with difficulty as Kyle seizes uncontrollably and is mute. While Zoe is driving, Misty sits up in the back seat. They drive to Misty's cabin in the bayou where Misty uses a poultice to fix Kyle's scars. She reveals she used the same thing to cure herself when she resurrected after being burned alive. She offers to take care of Kyle until he's healed.

Cordelia and her husband, Hank visit a fertility doctor for an ultrasound and consultation. Despite efforts to improve her fertility with medicals means, the result is the same and the doctor suggests IVF. Hank wants Cordelia to use her power to help them but creating life through magic requires the use of darkness and Cordelia refuses to use it for self-serving purposes like her mother does. Later on, Cordelia has brewed a potion and performs a sex ritual with Hank using dark magic.

Fiona tries again with Delphine who is shocked that 180 years have passed. She recalls that the false love potion was actually one for immortality and after waking up, Marie Laveau had her family hanged outside the house and the slaves lock her in a coffin.Later on, Fiona visits a hair salon in the rougher part of town. A youthful Marie appears to serve her. Both women know each other through their titles. They debate about the origins of their powers with Marie claiming they come from African priestesses turned into slaves whereas Fiona regards slaves too stupid to be witches. Fiona subtly threatens to express Marie, saying she also wants immortality. Marie laughs and calls her bodyguards. Fiona manages to leave when she sets Marie's shop on fire.

At the academy, clairvoyant Nan is annoyed by Delphine's loud thoughts and sets her free. Queenie runs into Delphine who insults her. Queenie fights back but is knocked out by a candlestick to the head.

That night after staff leave the salon, Marie goes to her voodoo room where she releases the Minotaur, saying they have work to do.On the streets of New Orleans, Fiona finds Delphine outside her old home which has been turned into a macabre museum. Delphine states that she doesn't care what people think of her and that she still mourns the deaths of her daughters. Fiona sympathises, feeling the same way about Cordelia but warns Delphine to never run away unless she wants to be re-buried.


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