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Quotes / South Park S20E7 "Oh, Jeez"

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"What have you done?! YOU MANIACS!"
Randy Marsh, after news broke out that Mr. Garrison got elected.

"Daddy called you a pussy."
Ike to Kyle.

"For the past few weeks, I have watched as online trolling and male locker room mentality have ripped this school apart. But last night, our country changed. We now have someone in office who can bring about gender equality and put an end to sexism. Please welcome... Bill Clinton."
PC Principal, in the original version of the episode, "The Very First Gentlemen".

"All right, everyone. Listen up. I know that many of us were shocked to the core with last night's election, but we cannot allow our school to be any further divided. It is time to try and start the healing process. And now, here to try and help us heal is Bill Clinton."
PC Principal, in the rewritten version of the episode.

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