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I am going to say something here, and you can feel free to disagree with me, but I am going to split up the center and combust if I don't vent some of this volatility. And the thing is, Jason will never say this himself—he's too humble, too polite. But after paging through hundreds of Starflyer reviews and seeing one single descriptor appear with the frequency of a smack addict in an indie film, I feel this needs to be declared once and for all: Starflyer 59 do not now, nor have they ever, sounded like My Bloody Valentine. The description is a lazy one, resulting only in boosted sales of Loveless among Starflyer fans too young to have bought the record when it was released in 1991.
J. Edward Keyes, "The Story of Starflyer 59" (from the Easy Come, Easy Go liner notes)

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