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"A 'Manual of Brevity' — well, I guess that explains the single page."
The Duchess of Elstwhere (discovering a book illustrating this principle), Embric of Wulfhammer's Castle

All the books are the same exact ones you find pretty much everywhere in Azeroth - two-pound, 500-page leather-bound tomes that tell one story within four pages each, leaving the remaining 496 pages blank.
The Azerothian Publishing Industry is nothing if not excessively wasteful.

Twilight Sparkle: Here you go! You're new here, so you can read this, uh, "detailed" encyclopedia of the different ponies in Equestria.
[gives Phoenix Wright a book called The Fillies' Guide to Ponies]
Phoenix: You call this detailed?! I read the whole book cover to back in ten seconds flat...


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