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Quotes / Modestly ProphItic

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Mark:Modestly Proph-et-ic!

Mark:That is swell, it's also swollen and should probably have it looked at.

(after Mark completes a bonus stage by himself because Cory decided it was better to let Mark handle it)
Mark:You see how things just kinda… blend together when Cory doesn't do anything.
Cory:You see this Mark?
Mark:The audience doesn't.
Cory:I don't care if they see it, do you see this? It's a middle finger, it's used as a sign of aggression.
Mark:You know, he says that but in reality he was presenting me with a cake he made himself for me in order to express his aff…
(Cory purposely wastes a life in spite)

Mark:What am I to you?!?
Cory:A minor annoyance.
Mark:(laughing)I'm not even a major one?! That means you don't even think about me at night in a negative way.\\

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