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We are Clan Wolf, children of Kerensky. We carry the honor of his name on our shoulders as our fathers did before. The Remembrance speaks to us of the evil in man's will, of the reasons for Exodus and the Rites of the Traveler. Arcadia is our destiny and our right. Enlightenment is our gift. By the Bloodnames of the founders we must return, return and protect that which is unique among the stars. Terra awaits us as it was written. We are the last of the Wardens, the sole hope for the earth.
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, Clan Wolf intro

We are Jade Falcon, great among the Clans. We are warriors that fight with the strength of the falcon's claw and ascend to the heavens on the wings of the same. We remember with the clarity of falcon sight the words of Kerensky. Through the smoke of time he speaks to us, his chosen, and urges us onward with the promise of Eden. We will retake what is ours by right, that shining jewel, Terra! Not the vastness of space, nor the Wolf's obstinate howl will stay us from our righteous goal. We are Crusaders and will trample all who stand in our way!
MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, Clan Jade Falcon intro

With the conclusion of Operation Serpent and Bulldog and the Great Refusal at Strana Mechty, the power of the Clan invaders has finally been broken. By destroying Clan Smoke Jaguar, the Star League taught all the Clans the true horrors of war as it is practiced in the Inner Sphere. At the beginning of the counter-attack, the first Davion gaurds and other forces on Port Arthur laid waste to the military capabilities of the entire planet. This policy of complete destruction was continued until the final critical battle on Tranquility, where an unsupported lance destroyed the last bastion of Smoke Jaguar resistance and manufacturing capability. The total collapse of the Clan strategy against the Inner Sphere was sealed at Strana Mechty. There, the Star League fought under Clan rules. Elite, vat-born, bred-for-battle Clan forces were defeated by the common, free born hardened veterans of the Inner Sphere. They are the true mechwarriors.
MechWarrior 3, Ending.


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