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"Magick Spells for Love, Luck, Money and more. Absolutely guaranteed!"
—The first instance of the word "magick" on

Why is "Magick" spelled with a "k"?
A. Because.
B. Oh, all right. "Magick" is an archaic spelling popularized by Aleister Crowley (a 20th century occultist) and occasionally seen in pulp fantasies and tales of horror. It's supposed to imply an especially old and potent variety of supernatural force.
Wishbringer, Invisiclues

You make a pair of NEEDLEWANDS. They crackle with the majyyk enyrjjies.
I know magick. M-A-G-I-C-K. You're thinking of that David Copperfield crap, it's totally different.
You just added a K on the end? Why didn't you take off the the C and then add the K?
Cuz that's an X-Man character.
Alister Crowley and Morgan Webb, X-Play


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