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"My favorite part of Eragon is when Luke Skywalker travels to Hogwarts to be taught the ways of the Force by Gandalf."
Patton Oswalt

It occurred to Eragon that although the dwarves were the shortest of the races, they built the biggest structures in Alagaësia, which seemed odd to him. Perhaps, he thought, by making such enormous objects, they do not feel so small themselves. He almost mentioned his theory to Orik but at the last moment decided that it might offend him, so he held his tongue.

"Children, it is said, are a blessing to us all. I do not happen to share that belief. It has been my experience that children are every bit as cruel and vindictive as adults. They just lack the strength to subjugate others to their will."
Galbatorix pg. 658 of Inheritance

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