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Michelangelo: Sometimes I'd fall asleep during the story, and wake up and catch her scratching the tree when she thought no one was looking.
Raphael: Who the heck did she think she was fooling, anyway? Like we weren't going to notice the giant claw marks.
Michelangelo: Katana marks.
Raphael: Right. 'Cause we totally don't know what actual katana marks look like.
Michelangelo: Even better was when we'd get on her nerves and she'd make that noise and go 'meditate.' One day I accidentally walked in on her. Guess what she was doing.
Raphael: I don't think I wanna know.
Michelangelo: Remember all that yarn we got for her when she was trying to figure out new stuff she could make to sell in her store, and how it just kinda disappeared?
Raphael: You're kidding.
Michelangelo: She was rolling around in a giant pile of the stuff.