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Quotes / A Series of Unfortunate Events (2017)

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The Austere Academy

"Sitting with friends, talking about something important, is one of the most powerful and necessary forces in the world. It is the way so many noble organizations begin. The conversation between associates or… even brothers.

My brother told me that. Give anything to sit... talk with him again."
—Lemony Snicket

The Ersatz Elevator

"The phrase 'in the dark,' which I'm sure you know, can refer to not only one's shadowy surroundings, but also to the secrets that might be surrounding you. Every day, the sun goes down on all these secrets, so everyone is in the dark one way or another. If you are sunbathing in the park, but you don't know about the deep and dangerous pit nearby, then you are in the dark even though you are not actually in the dark. If you are on a midnight hike knowing full well that several ballerinas are following you, then you are not in the dark even though you are in the dark. Of course it's possible to be in the dark in the dark, and to be not in the dark not in the dark. But there are so many secrets in the world that it is likely you are always in the dark about something, whether you are in the dark in the dark or in the dark not in the dark. So you'll eventually fall into the deep and dangerous pit dug by several ballerinas, which is dark in the dark in the park."
—Lemony Snicket

The Hostile Hospital

"I know how dark and lonely the world must feel now, but you can always find a kind person who's willing to shine a light on you when you need it. Eventually, you'll learn to shine a light on others in need."

The Carnivorous Carnival

"'The world is quiet here.' This may sound curious, like the motto of a secret organization, or something a stranger would say when he picks you up in his taxi and invites you to use your talent to benefit the world. There'll be losses along the way. We may never triumph, not completely. We may be defeated, at least for a time. But we'll never disappear. Not so long as there are noble, well-read people to take up the torch."
—Jacques Snicket

"It can be frustrating to live in suspense, not knowing what's around the next curve in the road. It may feel as though you are on the edge of a cliff, uncertain if you will fall, not knowing how sharp the rocks are at the bottom, or if you will have time to scream. But life is like that. It's a cliffhanger."
Lemony Snicket

For Beatrice

For Beatrice —
You will always be in my mind, my heart,
and in your grave.
Opening of 'The Austere Academy'

For Beatrice —
When we met, my life began.
Soon afterwards,
yours ended.
Opening of 'The Ersatz Elevator'

For Beatrice —
When we were together
I felt breathless.
Now, you are.
Opening of 'The Vile Village'

For Beatrice —
Summer without you is as
cold as winter.
Winter without you is even
Opening of 'The Hostile Hospital'

For Beatrice —
Our love broke my heart,
and stopped yours.
Opening of 'The Carnivorous Carnival'
For Beatrice —
When you met, you were pretty,
and I was lonely.

Now I am pretty lonely.
Opening of 'The Slippery Slope'

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