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Nightmare Fuel / The Ten Commandments

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  • The enslavement of Israel in a social point of view.
  • The slaughter. Particularly when we see a woman with a vacant expression, hand on a cradle from which an Egyptian soldier has just withdrawn a bloody sword.
    • That, or she was also killed for trying to defend her baby.
  • The Angel of Death, assuming the form of an ominous fog. Even the BGM itself made it even more horrendous.
    • And then there's the sounds of screaming outside the house where the first Passover supper is eaten.
  • Yochabel getting her belt caught under a giant stone being moved, resulting in her almost being crushed.
  • After Moses throws the Commandments at the golden calf it explodes, causing the ground beneath to be opened up, swallowing Dathan and the other revelers. This would scare viewers straight.


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