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Nightmare Fuel / Realms of Arkania

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  • In Blade of Destiny, you can be ambushed while you're sleeping in an abandoned inn, by zombies. If the person on guard duty is asleep, you wake up to see a group of decaying, flesh-hungry zombies attacking your friends, and, possibly, you.
  • Later in that same inn, you come upon a pentagram on the floor. In seconds, a ghostly form with a "horribly distorted face" materializes out of the pentagram's mist, and this form tries to "rip your very souls out of your body." Good luck sleeping tonight.
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  • In the dungeon near Thoss, when you're finding your way around the corridors, you can hear hollow laughter in the distance. This isn't elaborated on later.
  • In the first dungeon under Thorwal, you fight a Heshthot demon. It's at least two-people tall, wears a thick black cloak, moves slowly, and its only facial features are two glowing red eyes. Additionally, it can only be hurt by magic weapons or spells, and when you approach it, you can hear the "faint cries of tortured souls."
  • Star Trail has a constant, omnipresent feeling of being watched, followed, and stalked. As soon as you find the Salamander Stone from the Finsterkopp Pit, a man on a distant cliff tells you to "Take it to Lowangen." How did he know you retrieved it? How does he know what you're even supposed to do with it? And why does he tell you that exactly after you leave the pit...? Next, if you don't go to Lowangen straight away, you will encounter the man again, who threatens you, saying "you're going the wrong way, my dear friends. This is the final caution." before disappearing instantly. From then on, you will constantly be assaulted by pursuers, enemy groups of adventurers that are very challenging, and are made up of enemies like your own party, with warriors, druids, mages, etc. Look carefully when they die, however, since there will always be something that isn't right about them. The hunter has blue blood, the dwarf sounds like a monster when he dies, and so on, proving that they may be constructs, illusions, or demons conjured by the man to harass you. It's never revealed who the mysterious man is, or who the pursuers are, but they will attack you from that point, until you finish the game.
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  • In the Finsterkopp Pit, you find an imp, who plays a game with you. Even if you answer his riddle correctly, he separates and randomly teleports your party all throughout the dungeon. One location is a room that is completely surrounded by walls, with no doorways, entrances, or exits. Add the fact that Transversalis, the teleport spell, doesn't function on that level, and that means your character is trapped there for the rest of his or her life.

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