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Nightmare Fuel / Of Scienceand Magics The Side Stories

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Even though it is a prequel to the original or possibly because it is a prequel to the original, this story has quite a bit of nightmare fuel throughout the story.

  • Chapter Three
    • The deaths of all the Child Errors is rather chilling.
    • Ai's death in particular was disturbing because she was tortured, raped, and murdered as Touma was Forced to Watch.
    • Komaba killing Ketsueki by impaling him through his heart.

  • Chapter Four
    • Touma's nightmare at the beginning of chapter with Ai asking him why he couldn't save her.

  • Chapter Six
    • Kumakichi a young five year-old boy that Touma befriends is killed by an exploding car alongside his mother.
    • Kumakichi's father Chokichi attempts to murder Touma with a knife, and Touma's father is almost forced to see his son die before his eyes. Without the timely intervention of Misaka Mikoto, Chokichi would have stabbed a little boy to death.

  • Chapter Eight
    • It is filled with Adult Fear as Touya continuously attempts to find Touma with Yomikawa but to no avail.

  • Chapter Twelve
    • The fact that Touma beats up his victims and then shoots them in the legs can be rather chilling.

  • Chapter Thirteen
    • Touma is nearly beheaded by a psychopath with a chainsaw.
    • Wataru's timely intervention to save Touma's life results in the psychopath to losing grip of his chainsaw and accidentally cutting his own leg.

  • Chapter Fourteen
    • Takaya's death scene can be seen as rather disturbing.

  • Chapter Fifteen
    • Juho's brief flashback to his past is both heartbreaking and terrifying.
    • Touma crucifying Juho on the side of a shipping container.

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