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Nightmare Fuel / ALVINNN!!! and the Chipmunks

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  • Alvin's flying squirrel attacks throughout "Bromance".
    • Alvin manages to do it at night.
  • In "Clowning Around", Alvin scares Theodore that the latter actually freezes in fear. The episode follows Alvin and Simon trying to get Theodore out of this state.
    Alvin: "I've got you now, you little balloon!"
  • Basically all of "Oh Brother Where Art Thou", given how it's Gaslighting done by Alvin's family and friends.
  • Any dream sequence is this. Some in particular...
    • "Overlooked" has Alvin meet the "invisibles", a group of people who turned invisible and were forgotten. This has Alvin worry about the same thing happening to him after getting stuck in Simon's invisible suit.
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    • "The Temp" has Brittany running in the school which is flooded with unorganized report cards. Then she is told by the principal and Miss Smith that the parents evening was a disaster, both of them were fired, and it's all Brittany's fault for recommending Jeanette as the temporary Principal's Assistant.
    • "Theozilla" takes place in a dream sequence imagined by Miss Smith. It has Alvin trying to recreate a spray, but he accidentally uses it on Theodore, causing the latter to become a giant and (accidentally) destroy most of the town.
    • Alvin accidentally cloning himself.
  • You thought Alvin with broken limbs in the 80s series was bad? Here, he gets injured a ridiculous amount of times. Keep in mind that he’s no older than 14.
  • Alvin being mistaken for a Tasmanian devil in "Who's the Animal?". It seems silly enough... until you remember that the actual Tasmanian devil is about to have a ruptured appendix and needs surgery.
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  • Simon fails a test and ends up suspended. It seems fine at first when Dave tries to calm him down, but then Simon gets so fed up with his brothers and the Chipettes that he leaves the house for a WEEK. Alvin imagining him as a crazed hermit doesn’t seem so far-fetched now, does it? Also, the dummy of Simon drifts into Uncanny Valley territory.
  • For a cop, Officer Dangus is pretty incompetent. Many criminals have almost gotten away with theft because of him. If the Chipmunks hadn’t talked some sense into him, he likely would have been fired long ago.
  • Alvin’s paranoia in “A is for Alien”.
  • Theodore’s teddy bear in “Talking Teddy” is creepy enough with those disturbing eyes, but it gets worse when Alvin and Simon hack its voice box. Theodore, being the impressionable young man that he is, obeys everything the bear tells him, as if the toy now has full sentience.
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  • Alvin accidentally causing Jeanette to fall out the window in “Jeanette Enchanted”. Keep in mind that Jeanette and her sisters live in a treehouse. If the bushes hadn’t broken her fall, she likely wouldn’t have survived, or at least suffered broken bones.
  • Simon becoming an idiot through hypnosis and bombing the BUTT test. He likely would have stayed that way forever if Alvin hadn’t intervened.
  • Theodore becoming a rapper and being kidnapped in "Lil' T". Good thing his brothers boarded the plane in time.

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