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Literature / Afterlife Labirynth

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1. Joseph was born, married Anna, had two sons: Henry and Herbert and died.
2. Joseph went to the underworld. There he met Modibo and he heard that everybody goes there after death and then dies again. Then Anna showed up, Henry showed up, Anna died and Joseph died.
3. Joseph went to the third world. He heard that everybody goes there, too, but finally dies and Anna has already died. Then Herbert showed up, Modibo showed up, Herbert died, Modibo died and Joseph died.
Translation of first three episodes by Milyamd/Ear of the Sphinx
Afterlife Lebirynth (Labirynt zaświatów) is a series with very short episodes about afterlife of Joseph (Józef), his family and friends. It was created on 2010-09-18 by one of the users on Polish conlanger's forum. Than it moved to subpage in this user's namespace on Polish conlanger's wiki because it was found not connected with languages.

Includes examples of:

  • Interspecies Friendship: Vryg the bred (male, Pol. bred Wryg) and Waom the wohu (female, Pol. uowujka Uaom) are Joseph's friends
  • Shoot the Shaggy Dog: Joseph died 591 times by 2014-07-28
  • Spinoff: episode 10a about life of Vryg the bred
  • Starfish Aliens: other races and even humans in many worlds have for example three hands, three legs and three tentacles in place of ears