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Novel writing this wiki is a catalog of tricks of the trade.

Reasonably can expect writers of the rules of rhetoric of the target device. However, as the rhetoric sounds cliche. The means of such stereotypes and banal words video e d. In other words, nothing boring. "Joy, numbness, and recognize the spirit of the rhetoric view of entries.


Rhetoric wiki television broadcast called was started. Peace. Reflected in the coat of arms of their lives, television, and other media tricks. Popular rhetoric have live view to reflect the art here.

It is not our stuffy encyclopedia wiki. We are a casual buttload. It is recommended a fresh original thinking and language. If this quote is remarkable. Your entry is to collect evidence in the mold of dried magic Wiki. Until then, however, the main index of available rhetoric.

Is not a bashing of our wiki. Table of the famous novel about the approach instead of ridicule is repeated.

See the welcome page, or you can enjoy!


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