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Ahoy, mateys! Welcome aboard the Good Ship TV Tropes!

What be this about? This wiki be a catalog of the tricks of the trade for writing fiction. We be dippin' into the cauldron of story, whistlin' up a great hoary spoonful and layin' it out in front of ye to devour to yer scurvy heart's content.

Yar, Tropes be devices and conventions of the kind what a story-writing sea dog can be expecting to be in a landlubber's head when he be hearin' it. Don't ye be thinkin' that tropes be clichés. "Clichéd" be meanin' "stereotyped and trite," dull an' uninteresting as sloshing bilgewater round the poopdeck on the eighth day without wind in yer sails. We be not here for no dull, uninteresting entries. We be here to learn to see the tropes as soon as they be flyin' their colors and know the way they sail in these waters, not to be mockin' em.


The wiki be called "TV Tropes," laddie, because that be where we set sail for when we first left port. Over the voyage, our scope has crept out an' plundered other booty. Tropes be more than just for yer television, boyo. They be existin' in life, as we piratey folk be quick to tell ye. Since a lot of arrrt, especially the popular arrrts, be doin' its best to reflect life, tropes be likely to show up everywhere.

An' don't let me catch ye thinking we be any stuffin' encyclopedical wiki! Nay, we be a barnacleload more informal. There Ain't Be Such A Thing As Notability, an' we don't be needin' none o' yer scurvy citations. If yer entry don't be gathering evidence by Wiki Magic (or if it be given the black spot), it'll be dragged down to Davy Jones' locker. Until that be happening, we'll be shorin' it at the Main Tropes Docks. We be much enamored of breezy language and thoughts what we ain't been seein' a thousand times before (and we won't be objectin' to the occasional scurvy show of wit, neither).


Get yer scurvy mouse a-clickin' on "Troperville" in the menu up on the upper left of any page to find the places where the piratey troper community gather to drink rum and talk tropes.

Avast, me 'earties, hoist the colors and pillage away!


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