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Ho Yay / The Man from U.N.C.L.E.

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There's a reason this show managed to spawn one of the earliest Slash Fic-writing communities.

  • Illya Kuryakin: [to Solo] You just like blondes.
    [Solo raises his eyebrows suggestively]
    —"The Girls of Nazarone Affair" [Season 1]
  • Napoleon excuses Illya's irritation at her to Angelique by saying "He's jealous."
    • Made better by Angelique immediately and correctly assuming that he is jealous of her, not Napoleon.
  • Every now and then, there's a gag on how Napoleon lost the girl but not Illya. "At least we still have each other."
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  • "The Cherry Blossom Affair": "I'd like to hear your story. Any time." And then Illya puts his hand behind his head as if to pose and Napoleon smiles.
  • In "The Virtue Affair", at a threat to Napoleon, Illya's lower lip actually wibbles before he gives up to save Solo's life.
  • In "The Secret Sceptre Affair", Illya gets kidnapped, and Napoleon decides to rescue him over the protests of fellow agent Zia.
    Zia: You'd risk the whole mission to save one man?
    Napoleon: Yes, I know it's rather unprofessional, but then . . . I'm not perfect.
    Zia: And how will you even get into the fortress?
    Napoleon: Shoot my way in, if I have to.
    Zia: Has it occured to you that Kuryakin might already be dead?
    Napoleon: Often.
Then he bursts into the villain's office, gun out, and says:
Napoleon: You have something that belongs to me. A friend of mine.
Karim:Who is to say that he is even—
Napoleon, taking aim at Karim's head: If he's dead, so are you.
  • In "The Nowhere Affair," THRUSH uses a sophisticated computer algorithm to determine who among their female agents would be a perfect match for Napoleon "emotionally, physically, and intellectually." The algorithm selects a short, compact-bodied blue-eyed blonde intellectual with a broad jaw, rounded face, Eastern European accent, thick black reading glasses, flattened affect, and deadpan sense of humor. In other words, the computer designed by the world's leading neuropsychologist thinks Napoleon Solo's ideal mate is basically Illya's Opposite-Sex Clone. And it works.
  • The infamous scene in "The Bat Cave Affair" where Illya is bent over a table with Napoleon supporting him.
  • In the opening of "The Minus-X Affair", an agent whose senses have been artificially heightened shouts at Napoleon: "Have you been out with a blonde? I see a hair on your coat!" Napoleon shoots a nervous glance at Illya.

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