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Ho Yay / Alice Academy

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  • Mikan at times has pretty vivid fantasies about Hotaru. Hotaru herself doesn't count under Ho Yay because she canonically loves Mikan.
    • What about the episode where Mikan rolls around in bed, hugging and kissing the pillow while repeatedly saying Hotaru's name in her sleep?!
    • The ending is extremely slashy. Mikan, after her powers fade, is forced to forget her time at Alice Academy. At the end, Natsume gives her a Alice Stone so that she can remember the person she loves the most. She gets some of her memories back not due to any memories of Natsume but due her memory of Hotaru. Yes, it's canon that Mikan cares about Hotaru more than her actual Love Interest. And this is after Mikan and Natsume were established as an Official Couple as the series progressed.
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    • Yuri. How can anyone forget Yuri?
    • Luna gets a whole lot of this towards Yuka in the flashbacks.
    • Yuka and Kaoru.
    • Mostly concentrated around Narumi and his pheromone Alice. The highlight was kissing Misaki-sensei (though there were other motives for that).
    • Rui to Tsubasa or any guy who might be pretty. That is, if you don't think he's rather vague in his preferences, if at all.

Alternative Title(s): Gakuen Alice


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