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Heartwarming / Wyrd Sisters

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  • Granny Weatherwax refuses to hand over a baby – the king’s heir – to the guards assigned to kill him.
  • The fifteen-year kiss.
    • The second kiss, which "only lasted fifteen seconds, but seemed longer".
  • Before Death goes on stage, he does a tapdance to the theme of "There's No Business Like Show Business". It's rather sweet to see him start his fascination with humanity's creativity at this point in the Discworld saga.
  • When the Duke stabs his Fool, Magrat, who’d been on cold terms with him for sometime, screams and rushes to his side. It turns out he was stabbed with a stage dagger, but still it’s a sweet thought.
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  • While the argument between Granny Weatherwax and Nanny Ogg counts as a Tear Jerker, what sets it off is Granny saying that Nanny didn't enable her children (girls specifically) to have magical capacity. As matriarch of a great family, though she's the only magical member of it, Gytha Ogg is a nanny and a Mama Bear to her core and leaps to their defense like a shot.

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