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  • The interactions between Jess and Mark can be quite cute at times. Despite their differences, they do quite clearly care a lot about each other.
  • From the D&D game: Mark gets sentimental when his barbarian (temporarily) dies because this was the very first tabletop game he ever played in, and he equates his character's experiences with all the happy times he's spent with the others. It's enough to even get Joel teary-eyed.
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  • Mark hits a super low point; his insecurities and confusion cause him to lash out at Dustin, shout at Ravenia, shove her primary Damien, and get himself banned from the Changeling LARP. After a long walk involving punching a wall, driving slowly home and considering getting wasted in order to stop thinking, Mark opens the door to his apartment to find... his friends, with concerned smiles, ready to listen and help him through his feelings now that he's had time to cool off. Dustin even hugs Mark as he breaks down crying. He gets choked up just recalling it.

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