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Heartwarming / Wake Up Deadman

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  • While Skull can act rudely to Sahu on numerous of occasions and in reverse. It's shown that two do care for each other and see themselves as good friends. The main reason Skull chose to follow Sahu on his journey is to protect Sahu and prevent him from comitting the same sins he once did during his Despair Event Horizon.
  • The reason why Sahu is doing everything, is so he can find his love Idol Ju-Hyeon and confess to her. Overlaps with Tear Jerker as his tone implies that he's well aware that he can never be with her because he's a zombie now and she is a human, however he still desires to meet her one last time and confess to her, so he can finally find peace.
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  • German Pincher relationship with Ju-Hyeon. He becomes a Caretaker for the ill girl and on numerous occasions saves and protects her. And while initially being against it, he eventually comes in terms with her becoming a zombie, seeing it as only way to save her from terminal disease.


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