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Heartwarming / Total Drama Equestria

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The Heartwarming Moments page is for post-viewing discussion, so all spoilers are unmarked per wiki policy.

  • Mike's friendship with Nyx.
  • Courtney giving up her plan of taking out the other winners and runner-ups in the second challenge. She realizes she made a mistake when she chose money over friendship. Too bad she blows it at least six episodes later...
  • The gang cheering up Bridgette after Geoff gets eliminated. It turns out to be EZEKIEL, of all people, who ends up cheering Bridgette up in the end.
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  • Gwen decides to keep Heather's secrets, even though she did have the temptation to humiliate her.
  • Twilight willingly giving up Mrs. Buzzy to Heather to blow it up rather than Heather's stuffed cat, mainly because Twilight knows she'll sew up Mrs. Buzzy later on.
  • The moment Nyx comforts Courtney and Duncan in Episode Eight.
  • The alliance between Lindsay, Sierra, Katie, Sadie, Izzy, Dawn, and Bridgette. They even start calling themselves the Main Seven, with Lindsay giving them their own Elements of Harmony jewelry.note  They even do their own version of "A True, True Friend".
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  • Sadie convincing Katie to stay in the game for both of them whilst Sadie goes off with the others on a mission to search for the eye. Sierra also contemplating quitting the game to give protection to everyone also qualifies.
  • Despite all the crap that Celestia, Luna and Discord put Chris through in the ending Chapter 16, they are actually glad when he returns to normal.
  • Another sweet moment between Celestia and Chris is when they are dancing with each other underwater in Chapter 19, as friends.

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