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Heartwarming / To Be or Not to Be

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  • In the remake, Bronski's final words to Sobinski about his almost-affair with Bronski's wife. Doubly heartwarming when you realize the line is not just Frederick talking about his wife Anna, but also Mel Brooks talking about his real wife, Anne Bancroft.
    I don't blame you for falling in love with her. It's easy to do.
  • A meta-example for the 1942 film: Shortly after its release, Jack Benny took his father to see the movie. Apparently the elder Mr. Kubelski was not amused with the first shot of his son in the film being him in a Nazi uniform, and walked out, refusing to wait for context. Benny followed him out and explained what was going on and why he was in a Nazi uniform. He decided to watch through the rest of the film, and by the end, was so proud of his son's performance and so in love with the movie that he saw it over 40 more times during his lifetime.
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  • Carole Lombard said that making To Be or Not to Be was the happiest experience she had had making a movie. Doubles as a Tear Jerker as it would sadly be her last.

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