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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

James Corden's run

  • James tearing up when thanking his parents for being in the audience of his first show.
  • On the show that aired following David Letterman's final show, the Late Late Show sign above the curtain was changed to read "Thank You Dave".
  • James's opening Tonys address, where he acknowledges the tragic Pulse shooting in Orlando and dedicates the show to the victims.
    • His opening song, "This Could Be You," could also qualify, telling kids all over the country that they could also be up on that stage someday. Takes it Up to Eleven with the bit where groups of kids of all shapes, sizes, and ethnicities gets replaced by that year's acting nominees (who also sing the final chorus).
  • Some of the Carpool Karaoke segments can be both this and funny:
    • His sincerely thanking the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the end of their installment, saying he lived out a dream with them and that sometimes meeting your heroes doesn't disappoint.
    • Nick Jonas joyfully singing along to his brother Joe's song "Cake by the Ocean."
    • During his ride, Chris Martin demonstrates his portable keyboard by playing David Bowie's ""Heroes"" in tribute to him.
    • Stevie Wonder singing "I Just Called to Say I Loved You" to James' wife over the phone. James later said it was one of the best moments of his life.
    • Madonna says she can tell James stuff she doesn't usually say because she considers him a friend. It's actually pretty sweet until they get to talking about how James is basically her bitch.
    • Just how infectiously fun his ride with Bruno Mars. He may have been the most "into it" of any of James' passengers, and it's a blast watching them sing along and joke with each other like old friends.
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    • During their ride, Miley Cyrus reveals that her VMA debacle was the catalyst for her going into activism. Because if people are going to obsess so much over what she does, then she figures it should be something worth doing.
    • During their ride, Sam Smith thanks James for being one of the first people to draw attention to his music via Twitter. James responds by saying that, "I heard that song, and I remember thinking, I just heard a voice I would listen to the rest of my life." Sam is clearly deeply touched.
    • After Paul McCartney shares the famous story of being inspired to write "Let It Be" by a dream about his late mother, James reveals that as a kid his musician grandfather told him he was about to hear the greatest song ever and played it. Then he actually gets to sing it with Paul, and is in tears by the end. Capped off when James says he wishes his grandfather was there, as he'd "get a kick" out of seeing Paul and his grandson together. "He is," says Paul.
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  • 08/22/16: For James' birthday, Reggie introduces a video reel of well-wishers. Watching James get more and more ecstatic with each new face is adorable: First his parents and sisters, then Mark Noble (his favorite soccer player), O-Town (his favorite band - he actually starts weeping with joy a little bit), and, finally, Montell Jordan, singer of James' favorite song, "This is How We Do It," which he then appears in the studio to perform. The smile on your face will be ten times wider by the time this is over.
  • 09/12/16: James expresses heartfelt joy at the show's success at the Creative Arts Emmys, showing the Emmy that the show won for Interactive Program and the one that the Carpool Karaoke Primetime Special managed to win for Best Variety Special.
  • 01/05/2017: James pays tribute to the late George Michael, saying how much his music influenced much of James's life and that the first seed of Carpool Karaoke originated from the 2011 Comic Relief sketch of him in character as Smithy and George joining him on a car ride to the Comic Relief offices.
  • James and his guests play with animals. It's all precious, but James' Squee! upon seeing the penguin is adorable.
  • Whenever a major terrorist attack takes place, James will insert a Cold Opening into the beginning of the show following the tragedy and speak candidly, with a very somber and respectful message to his viewers, or make note of it during the actual recording. His reaction to the bombing at the Ariana Grande concert was especially touching, filmed inside the empty studio long after the audiences were gone.
    • When a terrorist attack took place in Europe right before the crew came over to film in London, they had to hike security as a preemptive measure for a copycat attack when the show went over to London. As feared, it happened again, near his hometown. Even though they were not in New York anymore Corden still filmed a short opening with Reggie and him walking outside the historic church the show was being taped in, saying that the terrorists want to do these bad things because they hate everyone and will hate the fact he's trying to entertain people and acknowledging disapproval of what they do - and he's proud of that.
  • "thank u, jeff" — a parody of Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" that doubles as a tribute to Jeff Goldblum — is terrifically loopy and funny, but its affection for the man, his characters, his public appearances, and the memes he's inspired over the years is very real. Not to mention the Approval of God it received — Grande actually went on Twitter to ask for the scrapbook Corden flips through in the clip!
  • "We are probably all going to die": Eric Idle and James Corden sing some Monty Python, tap-dance, and then mention the good things in their life. Idle is promoting his new book and Corden mentions his friends are having a baby. Corden tells the audience that even if terrible things are going on, there is also a lot of goodness in the world and to remember it.
  • "One Day More" about Trump's last day in office.


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