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Heartwarming / The Darksword Trilogy

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  • In the second book, Saryon faints for fear the Guildmaster Samuels and Joram himself will discover Joram's birthright as Prince of Merilon. When it cuts to Joram's view, he's panicked that Saryon's dead and he stays by his bedside while he sleeps. This in contrast with his distrusting, uncaring behavior in the first book.
    • And then at the end of the same book: "My son! For you are my son! It was I who gave you life, and now I will give you life again!" Bonus points for the almost Running Gag of people asking if Saryon was Joram's father, and it technically not being true.
    • And then again after Joram comes back from the beyond and finds that Saryon's stone hands have been chipped and mutilated through desperate attempts to get the Darksword from them, he is furious and he later recounts that he was tempted to leave the world to its fate just for that.