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  • The Stars go to retrieve a beached Sunshine in the pilot episode after realizing they misjudged them.
  • The Series Finale episode, especially the song at the end.
  • "I reckon this makes up for sinking my barge, Warrior." "I reckon it makes up for everything!"
  • In the TV version of "Regatta" Top Hat complains the most about preparations for the parade being interrupted and is highly reluctant to help Grampus and thus incur the Navy's wrath. He volunteers to go ask Captain Starr to work out a deal with the Navy to save the sub in the end.
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  • Every time Zebedee does a good deed in "High Winds."
  • In "Trapped," Sunshine goes to a visibly shaken Zug after they discover the tramper blocking the river to ask if he's ok.

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