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  • Tootsie Noodles changing his name to Tootsie Megagirl:
    Tootsie: 'cause where I come from - farm planet - your first name is what you do, and your second name is what you love.
    • Anything to do with those two.
  • Bug's Anguished Declaration of Love to February before he does a Heroic Sacrifice by being Thrown Out the Airlock with Pincer to stop Pincer from killing the Starship Rangers.
  • When Up saves Taz from The Mosquito Brothers.
    • That scene also shows how much Taz cares for Up.
  • To this troper, her heart melted when Bug takes February back to his planet to show her that bugs aren't bad. Seeing his joy in showing her the beauty of the world he knows and loves was sweet.
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  • When Bug holds February's hand and smiles at her during "Beauty".
  • When Roach implores Bug to save the OverQueen from being killed by Junior.
  • The scene where the crew took turns sitting on Up's lap and talking about their feelings. This troper thinks that everyone needs a moment like that once in a while.
  • "The Way I Do"
  • Bug and Feburary reuniting.
  • Up's goodbye to Bug
    Up: "Bug, you might be a damn bug... but you are the finest Starship Ranger that I have ever seen."

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