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  • Once Dennis has become "Dee Dee," she and Terry share a nice moment at the end end of "A Strangeness at The Frat House" where they meet for the first time. This Troper couldn't help but smile when Terry held Dee Dee's hand as they walk to her new sorority. It seems strange if you think about it too much, but seriously daaaawwww...
  • The ending of the final part of "The Temptation of Anya": the battle against evil is won, and the malicious magic within the park is undone (a feat literally Beyond the Impossible). Anya's friends and family track her down at the homeless shelter where she's been living and forgive her for her actions. To show her that they truly mean it, Anya's boyfriend Greg proposes to her — with the Wizard and Grandmother both agreeing to give her away. And to top it all off, Anya's best friend Vicky (who has undergone her own character arc and is now fully happy living as a woman) and her fiance, Rob, invite Anya and Greg to have a double wedding with them. Happy tears all around.
    • And as the icing on the cake, the magic council exonerates Grandmother for the murder of Eldor and finally lifts her ban from the magical realm.
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  • The Spells R Us tale "His & Hers". A guy serving as the best man in his brother's wedding buys a set of his and hers bath towels at the shop for the new couple. On their honeymoon, the couple tries out the towels...which end up reversing their genders when they accidentally use each other's towel. Fortunately, the effect is undone when they use the proper towels, and the couple ends up having a blast playing around with them on their honeymoon. In the end, the wizard notes that they're on the road to a long and happy marriage. After all the Spells R Us stories where customers use an item for revenge (and other not-so-nice purposes) and lives are ruined (or at least, severely complicated), it's nice to have a story where people genuinely love and care about each other and their lives end up being changed for the better due to the Wizard's magic.
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  • In the Bikini Beach story "Swim Date", high school student Paul goes on date with new girl Amy at Bikini Beach, on her suggestion. After his transformation, Paul(a) is upset with Amy for tricking him — until she explains why she did it: sex got in the way in all her past relationships, and she wanted the chance to get to know Paul as a friend before they started a relationship (which, as the new girl, she didn't have the chance to do while they were growing up), minus the sexual tension. The two end up having a great weekend together, and become the best of friends; the story ends with Paul and Amy starting to date in earnest — and Paul admitting that he had fun as Paula, and plans to visit the park again.

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